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11 juli 2020

The app stopped showing booked appointments and stopped sending confirmations. There is no way to see now what time and date was booked.

Sleep First
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6 mei 2021

Everything about the app is great except for one major issue. People cannot choose a custom time if booking multiple hours. For instance if someone wants a 4 hr block the times available wil be 12-4, 4-8, 8-12. So if someone wanted to book 2-6 they cant which im really upset that i didnt know before hand

HMD Studios
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Sesami Inc. heeft geantwoord 12 mei 2021

Hello there! First of all, thanks for trying out Sesami. We always highly encourage all merchants like yourself to take advantage of our free plan and evaluate to see if it fits the needs of your particular business workflow.

Sesami, like all appointment scheduling and booking apps, have decisions to make that try to fit the needs and workflows of our userbase, to the best of our ability. In this particular situation that you are describing, we decided long ago that in order to streamline and create an easy-to-use interface for customers, our app will automatically create the maximum number of timeslots based on the availability you have set and the length of your service. The thought process behind this is that we want to make it as quick and easy as possible for you, as the merchant, to maximize your time being booked, and in turn, maximum revenue.

Having said that, we do highly encourage feedback and critiques you or any merchant might have on our feedback board here:

. Perhaps after reading the features being requested, you would consider revisiting your review, as we have never promoted that we ever had this feature (but we do understand your disappointment that we don’t).

Feel free to send us a message anytime - - if you would like to discuss your business and situation in more detail (or if you would just like to vent about our app 😉 )

The Sesami Team

29 december 2022

I am not satisfied with the time selections. can only book on the hour, can not book on the half hour time frame. I have to cancel at the moment but I will look into again when this change is made. please keep me updated on this feature.

Divine Designs By Stacey Michelle, LLC
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Bewerkt 30 oktober 2020

Looked good at first sight but problems getting it working (wouldn't recognise customers when trying to add appointments via the app rather than customers booking themselves on website). Support has been difficult to raise and keep engaged on our problem.

H&B Style
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21 mei 2022

can not get it to work or become active on my account. I have followed the steps and its not working.

Author Ceramics
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Sesami Inc. heeft geantwoord 21 mei 2022

Welcome to Sesami!
Nothing to worry about. Just sent you an access request to take a look. Please accept and confirm by emailing us at

10 oktober 2019

I'm not sure if this app works. I was unable to add a service. Two stars because I couldn't get started. Being that I am on a schedule I have moved to a different app.

Black Lava Home Automation
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Sesami Inc. heeft geantwoord 11 oktober 2019

Hello Sean, Thank you for Your review.
We assure you that Sesami works! Not only it works, but it helps you increase your revenue, optimize your team and efficiency. Let us show you how and set it up for you for free by booking a call with us here

Looking forward to our call ..