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16 de setembro de 2023

This company prides itself on denying refunds to customers who forgot to cancel their subscriptions. Even if you warn them right after a charge they will hide behind their cancellation policy to not refund you. Shopify even honors a subscription refund so I'm not sure why they think they can do this. Also, they purposely make it impossible to cancel your subscription service unless you ask them to cancel it for you. I see that as disturbing because almost every subscription service has a cancellation option in their app settings. Please refrain from using this service as there are more honorable and reputable booking apps available. The last thing is don't be afraid to use a credit card chargeback to get your money back from this company.

Summer Eyes
Estados Unidos
About 1 month usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sesami Inc. 21 de março de 2024

Hi David,

We are here and have always been here, working with partners like yourself. We have the most generous free trial in our category, making sure you're not rushed to set things up. We even offer a free onboarding call.

And canceling your Sesami plan is like any other Shopify app by uninstalling the app. This is well documented in our help guides and we also shared that with you by email.

Even though we don't have a refund policy, but we did refund you as a courtesy since you are a partner, and we believe we are in this together. We sent you tens of emails, making sure you got your refund, but no response.

We appreciate you replying to our emails and reconsidering your one-star review, to make things fair.

12 de dezembro de 2023


Over 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sesami Inc. 21 de março de 2024

Salut Julie,
Nous serions ravis de recevoir vos commentaires et de vous aider. Veuillez répondre à nos e-mails ou nous envoyer un e-mail à help@sesami.co.

1 de abril de 2021

App is ok, sends all the emails in a dark mode and the tech support tells you to change your outlook settings. That does not help on the customers end. Squishes and distorts your email and logo. I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL.

Fertility Blooms - Fertility Coaching, Fertility Coach, Fertility Support, Infertility Support Groups, IVF coach, Infertility Support, Infertility coach
Over 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sesami Inc. 2 de abril de 2021

Hi Crystal, we've already been talking to you about your issue and we both came to the conclusion (yourself and our team here at Sesami) that this is not a Sesami app issue but is actually the mail client. Sesami emails do not enable dark mode on email clients.

In addition, you have confirmed that when using an email client (Gmail in this instance), the error you have reported does not occur.

Our goal is to help you and your business succeed and we're here to continue troubleshooting this email client issue with you. Hence we'd appreciate you reconsidering your review and connecting with us at help@sesami.co.

Sesami Customer Success Team

Editado a 1 de setembro de 2020

I was on board and on the $49 plan and doing fine from March 2020 through July 2020 until they stopped responding to tech support requests in August 2020 and did not answer the phone support number. I am very disappointed that the system is now really slow, it has been down due to upgrades and has many so-called features that are problematic. they used to be great and simple - but now they are pretty bad and it is now costing us too much time, money and aggravation even with our customers trying to submit bookings online
I am not interested in continuing on with this app...there are too many limitations to list. Its not worth the money. Find some other app. I too am looking elsewhere. They rolled out (2) updates and features without telling us and it broke our system flow.

F3 Rentals.com
Estados Unidos
Over 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sesami Inc. 3 de setembro de 2020

Hey there Joe, you have been holding this threat of a bad review over our heads since you first signed up and to be honest, it’s a bit of a relief to cut our losses and just move on with your account.

What you are really requiring for your business is a fully customized system from the ground up with a developer who can take all your feature requests and implement them. While we both tried our best to make it work, sometimes you just can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

To date, our team has spent:
- 20+ chat interactions
- 20+ email threads
- 8+ phone calls totalling almost over 4 hours of direct support...
explaining how Sesami works, setting it all up for you (free of charge), answering all your questions, fixing workflow issues, debating features and requests, and generally supporting you in setting up your business 100% on Sesami.

Yes we accept the fact that our app was under maintenance (took 2 minutes) and we should do a better job in notifying merchants upfront. We’re not perfect but we try our best and we stand behind the value of our product at your subscription rate of 49$/month.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. It’s okay. We wish you the very best of luck in finding the right app that suits your needs perfectly.
- The Sesami Team

2 de janeiro de 2020

I have had lots of problems with this calendar. not user friendly. last 2 days customers have not been able to book sessions on the website the calendar pops up but the dates and tims wont load currently looking for other options for booking software compliant with shopify

512 Rage Room
Estados Unidos
About 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sesami Inc. 3 de janeiro de 2020

Hello there 512 Rage Room Team, Sadly, we have not heard back from you in regards to our communication about this review. We stand behind our app and our customer service and feel this 1 star review is very unfair.

As points of references:
* Sesami is working on your store and we see that you are receiving multiple bookings regularly on the app.
* Our Sesami support team responded to you within minutes of receiving your request and we were able to investigate immediately as soon as we were aware of the situation. When checking your data logs, your clients were able to continually book appointments on Sesami during those days.
* After investigating and testing, we determined the root cause of the situation you have written in this review was that your client was using an outdated Internet Explorer browser version. Sadly, Sesami (like most web apps today), does not support Internet Explorer. :( We have updated our help site to reflect this information. By simply switching to another browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge, Sesami does indeed work as intended.

We have reached out to you to try to get a fairer assessment of our app based on your usage and the situation you have written about. Hopefully we can find some middle ground here.

All the best, Sesami Team

17 de setembro de 2019

this app is messy. it double booked my clients, it also creates issues with booking for my clients. It does not prompt to enter contact info and it does not sync with my google account automatically like most other booking apps. This is too much work.

Estados Unidos
10 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sesami Inc. 11 de outubro de 2019

Hello there Conjure Queen, we appreciate your review and empathize with the situation in regards to double booking for your clients. We really do. We want to make Sesami the best in our category and are committed to providing the best customer service. In response to your comments:

When you indicated to us this had happened (double booking), we offered assistance to fix the problem within a very short time frame from your initial support message but instead of replying, you left a 1 star review. With a little bit of communication and understanding, this issue could have been resolved fairly quickly.

You are right that we currently do not have google calendar synchronization but it is in our plans and will update here when it is completed. Like all apps in the Shopify store, sometimes one just doesn't fit a specific business workflow a merchant might have, but it does not mean that our app is messy or it's too much work.

We wish you all the best in the future and hope you reconsider your rating as we feel it is a bit unfair assessment from a free trial.

7 de fevereiro de 2021

Kinda complicated..going to faq to update availability, I’m not sure if its cause they wanted me to leave this review first and then they will let me actually get to where i am going. But since they are insisting my experience so far is very frustrating

Shop Saddity
Estados Unidos
4 months usando a aplicação
7 de maio de 2021

Save your time and download Tipo booking instead. Downloaded Sesami for my site, it worked at first, and then I was unable to see any of my available appointment times on my product page. After a week of trying to contact Sesami customer report and receiving no help or calls back, I decided to delete the app and try another. Don't waste your time, there will be no help provided when you need it.

Shop The Standard
Estados Unidos
About 2 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sesami Inc. 8 de maio de 2021

Hey there Emily,
We're sorry to hear this! We do try our best to get to all the support tickets as fast as possible. We did promptly replied to your emails in the last couple of few days to resolve your issue.

In regards to your issue:
The reason you don't have a time slot available on the calendar is because you had a synced event on your Google Calendar. If you block a time on your Google Calendar it will also be blocked from Sesami too (as intended).
This was indicated to you over the two support tickets that we have been replying back and forth with you (Support ticket #4836 and #4853). In addition, we have called you back and left voicemails when you did not pick up the phone. Unfortunately this was a bad case of telephone tag - you call us and we are not available, we call you back and you are not available.

We admit we should have done a better job in helping you. We want to make it right. Our exec team will reach out and will not only troubleshoot that issue but also show you how Sesami can help your business run better. We recently won the Shopify Commerce Award for the Best OmniChannel Experience and we'd love to show you the magic.

Stay tuned

14 de julho de 2020

Poor customer service. App fails regularly and you get no assistance from customer service. Emails are never answered.

Lux Hair & Lash
Estados Unidos
About 1 month usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sesami Inc. 16 de julho de 2020

Hello there! We are currently on an email thread with you trying to fix your theme issues which originated from multiple booking apps installed at the same time. Unfortunately, installing multiple apps that have the same functionality has created theme conflicts, which is why Sesami it's not currently working on your theme. Let's work together to resolve this - as fundamentally the issue is not due to Sesami, but due to conflicting code.

8 de junho de 2020

is not really helpful for a hairdresser salon i need you to call me please and work it out in better condition to use those app for my business

Dealis hair & records
7 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sesami Inc. 9 de junho de 2020

Hi there and welcome to Sesami!
There's no need to rate us 1 ⭐️ to get our attention. Think about it this way; we're on a mission to help you no matter if you're on free or paid plan or what star you rate us. We'll contact you soon.