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Data modifica: 23 novembre 2022

Thank you for replying. I sent you another message and it seems you are not seeing that one either since I haven't heard back from you. Can you please give me a way to contact you? This is very important. It is almost Shabbat again and it is Black Friday weekend. It is imperative that I be able to adjust the hours for closing and opening. This app is great! However, I sent you several messages asking for help and I am wondering why you are just not responding. I am having an issue with app access within my shopify admin and it is critical for me to be able to change the settings since the clock was moved. Can you please respond to me.

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Shop Innovator ha risposto 18 novembre 2022

Thank you for your review!

Of course, we will look into this for you right away.

Can you please get in touch again?
(I didn't get messages you mentioned)

Thank you,