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10 gennaio 2018

Removed the app and "Save 10% Now" text is still on all my listings.

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2 ottobre 2019

I used another 3rd party service that offered the same thing that shopify just ended their contract. In the past about 1/3 of my organic customers used the "facebook/instagram" like feature to receive discounts with this other company. Being forced this past month into Webyze and this app, not 1 person has been able to utilize the coupon. Why? Because of inferior coding on Webyze's side and their slow/unresponsive servers do not help with this. If you get 1 person to utilize this coupon app on your site, consider yourself lucky. We've been in business 11+ years and have never had an app so horribly concocted.

Creative Sweet Treats
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27 luglio 2015

The idea is great, I was looking for such an APP for a long time. Unfortunately I'm very disappointed, as it is badly developed. It lacks customization and options. Please add the share button, and OPTIONS to control the app. Let us set what we want, whether offer a discount for a like, tweet, share, following, or for all together and etc. It is also a manual app, ie you have to create a discount code for every interaction. Is it possbile to make it automatic and user friendly?

Black Barrel
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8 agosto 2019

Removed the app and "Save 10% Now" text is still on all my listings. I also see another person saying the same thing in the comments...please fix this asap

Vendi Cru Premium Virgin Hair Co.
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9 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
3 agosto 2018

this app does NOT allow you to offer discounts for when people Share your Store on FB like the name suggests. It only allows you to offer discounts when people "like" your page. So basically it doesn't do the fundamental thing it's suppose to do.

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