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Fecha de modificación: 25 de diciembre de 2022

im just gonna give a 1 star because i wasted my time signing up and finding out they charge 600 setup fee.

i havent even tested the account and they expect payment upfront. plus the app is messign up with my CSS
Estados Unidos
28 minutos usando la aplicación
28 de junio de 2023

The app couldn’t be loaded
This app can’t load due to an issue with browser cookies. Try enabling cookies in your browser, switching to another browser, or contacting the developer to get support.

10 días usando la aplicación
ShareASale respondió 30 de junio de 2023

We are aware that there is an issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we do have an alternative solution. Please submit a ticket through our system so that we can assist you with your goal of launching ASAP on ShareASale. You can find the "Submit ticket" link at the bottom of your current integration page.

2 de febrero de 2022

The app does not transfer a datafeed from Shopify to Shareasale. That should be one of the main reasons for the app. Why does it not exist?

Gemini Sound
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando la aplicación
18 de septiembre de 2022

Avoid at all costs! Hidden charges left right and centre! Poor quality software is not worth your time or cash!

Reino Unido
5 minutos usando la aplicación
23 de julio de 2022

This app is rubbish, like shit. Not accessible at all. Installed once and don't want to install it again

Estados Unidos
18 minutos usando la aplicación
23 de julio de 2022

This is the first time I'm leaving a negative review on Shopify. This app makes you do ALL the steps including making a sale on your own store (which charges your card + shopify fees) - then at the final step asks you to pay a deposit of $750. What a waste of time and money. Do not recommend.

8 minutos usando la aplicación
23 de diciembre de 2021

Doesn't work at all. We have a ShareaSale account, but got an error upon trying to install the app to our store. Now the app seems to be installed, but the dashboard won't load. Just spins and spins. Reached out to ShareaSale support with no response.

Fit Bake
Estados Unidos
7 días usando la aplicación
15 de enero de 2022

Interferes with my sales and the other applications, Not heard back from the customer support. lengthy sign-up and expensive plans that reveals at the end of the process. Very bad, not recommended

Alrededor de 2 horas usando la aplicación
19 de julio de 2022

A good one, easy to apply, low platform fee but sometimes order can't be tracked according to our partner. But ok

RAE de Hong Kong (China)
10 meses usando la aplicación
23 de junio de 2022

The ShareASale app is excellent for driving revenue to your business. They are a great company to work with and I strongly suggest this channel to grow your brand. Retail E-Commerce...

Estados Unidos
8 meses usando la aplicación