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Similar to other user experiences - I had to place 3 test orders which resulted in me getting charged with Shopify fees, only to find out after two hours of the application that they expect almost 1K in setup fees. If they had informed me up front I would never have bothered.

Atomic Flare
ShareASaleが返信しました 2024年5月13日

Hi Atomic Flare, thank you for the feedback and we're sorry to hear you didn't have a positive experience with ShareASale. Our apologies if it was not clear that there are fees required to use the ShareASale-Shopify app; however it is worth noting this is listed across this page along with a link to complete pricing on ShareASale.com (https://www.shareasale.com/info/pricing-merchants/). We are confident our app is best-in-class and would love to talk to you about this more. Please contact our team at ShareASale@ShareASale.com to discuss.


We've been very hesitant in joining ShareASale due to the very poor ratings of their Shopify application. We finally set up the account and spent a number of days emailing back and forth with the company ( of which all their responses were slow), and very annoyingly when we finished installing and applying the code to our website, we were met with a page asking us to pay a setup fee. The fees consisted of $625 joining fee (non-refundable), THEN an additional $125 minimum deposit AND (if that wasn't enough), a $35 per month account fee. These costs were never displayed to us until after creating an account and applying code. This has wasted many hours of our time and we will not be using ShareASale due to such high costs involved. We will take our business elsewhere.

ShareASaleが返信しました 2024年4月16日

Hi Wondercraft LTD, thank you for the feedback and we're sorry to hear you didn't have a positive experience with ShareASale. While it is common for any affiliate network to charge associated platform fees to use their plugin, our apologies if it was not clear to you that there fees required to use the ShareASale-Shopify app however it is worth noting this is listed across this page along with a link to complete pricing on ShareASale.com (https://www.shareasale.com/info/pricing-merchants/). We are confident our fees, technology and partnership opportunities are best-in-class and would love to talk to you about this more. We can also help you better understand ShareASale's low cost, transparent pricing structure over a call. Here is a Calendly link to book a meeting with Andre White on our team, he is looking forward to hearing from you: https://calendly.com/andre-white/30min


I'm not one to ever write a negative review and can usually resolve issues easily but the customer service with shareasale is the most unresponsive and worst I have ever dealt with as a business owner. We've tried to get help with an urgent issue for over two weeks now (which should have a simple solution) and their team doesn't address and resolve the issue and won't hop on a 10 min call to solve it together. I have emailed, called and submitted tickets and nothing. I asked them to help escalate the issue but the two responses I have gotten from Maxine and Stephan have gotten us nowhere. Super disappointed in our experience so far and unfortunately since they won't help solve the problem we will likely be switching affiliate programs. If you're looking for an affiliate program with support, this is not the one to go with.


I don't think such poor rating is unjustified.
Just the other day after I paid, I tried to seek some official tutorials on how to set up the program, but I received a reply that it was a self-service platform and they could only give some suggestions. Didn't even read my email needs carefully and I don't think the cooperation will provide any good service after that.
I suggest that merchants who haven't joined yet can consider working with other affiliate marketing platforms that offer better services, seriously.


They have charged me over $1,000 and there is not a single sale. I asked for a refund of $ 150 that was on my balance, but support does not answer. Scammers. You need to be careful.

After they answered me, I correct the review: there were 2 sales. At the same time, I paid $750 for connecting to the platform and several hundred dollars for sales and monthly maintenance.

Now I'm trying to close my profile and get $133 back. Trust me it's hard...

My request is 1091380

ShareASaleが返信しました 2023年8月7日

Thanks for contacting us. Actually there have been multiple sales in your program. We also responded to your request for a refund within a few hours, listing the information we needed to close your program; to date we have not heard back from you which is why your program remains open. We would be happy to resend the list of what’s needed to close your program; please contact us at shareasale@shareasale.com and we will resend it and assist you through the process.


The program seems to be good, but the customer service is non-existent. I can't get a hold of anyone. They are incredibly responsive on the sales side, but once you sign up, they drop off the face of the earth. I am shocked to find that they don't have an implementation team to help you get up and running. You are left to try and figure things out on your own. They have some help articles, but non of them address my issues and questions. I have called, emailed, submitted tickets...and nothing. I even tried going back to my original sales rep, who blew me off and told me to submit a ticket. I hope I can come back and change this review later, but right now, it doesn't look promising. I'll give it through tomorrow and then I'll be asking for a refund and moving on to another program. For such a high up front implementation fee, I expect better.

Update: So I finally got to talk to someone who was very polite and helpful, but it wasn't at ShareASale. I had to call their parent company Awin to actually speak to someone. Still don't have my issues fixed though and was told by them that there is a 48 hour turnaround time for email responses. That's far too long.

Freedom Electric Marine
ShareASaleが返信しました 2023年11月15日

Hi Freedom Electric Marine,

Thank you for your feedback on ShareASale's customer service. While ShareASale is a self-service platform, we pride ourselves on having ample resources like the mentioned Help Center and an in-house team dedicated to assisting valuable merchants like yourself, so our apologies if you’ve been frustrated with the level of support provided, as well as the up-to-48-hour response times. We will certainly take your feedback on board.

We can see you've been corresponding with our team on several help tickets as you've gotten your program live and active on the network, and it seems like all have now been resolved. If you need further assistance or support, please feel free to contact us by emailing shareasale@shareasale.com or opening another ticket.


Installed the app, but cant use it and there is no way to troubleshoot this error.

Tried reaching out to ShareASale support but no response either.

I’m trying to use their Shopify app, but it needs to be updated to support the SameSite cookie security changes made to Chrome 80. Not sure if they ever updated their app for this.

Rounderbum LLC
ShareASaleが返信しました 2023年7月5日

Thanks for letting us know you experienced an issue. We are aware that this exists and are working to get it resolved quickly.

With the weekend, your request for support arrived through Shopify on Monday, and we responded within two hours of its receipt. Please let us know if the included instructions were helpful or if we can assist in any way. We would be most happy to do so!


App is pure trash. Amazing how such a large digital company can't figure out a simple API integration

Mylk Labs
ShareASaleが返信しました 2023年7月7日

Thanks for letting us know that you were having a problem. I didn’t see any tickets with questions about an API in your account, so I’ve sent you a link to our training on this topic. Just contact us at shareasale@shareasale.com or click the “Help” button at the top of each page in our UI to submit a ticket if you run into any questions at all. We are always glad to help!


The app couldn’t be loaded
This app can’t load due to an issue with browser cookies. Try enabling cookies in your browser, switching to another browser, or contacting the developer to get support.

ShareASaleが返信しました 2023年6月30日

We are aware that there is an issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we do have an alternative solution. Please submit a ticket through our system so that we can assist you with your goal of launching ASAP on ShareASale. You can find the "Submit ticket" link at the bottom of your current integration page.


The app does not load at all in any browser. I'm assuming they pushed code right before the holiday and are having trouble getting it fixed with everybody out of office but it's currently unusable.

ShareASaleが返信しました 2023年7月7日

Thanks for letting us know you experienced an issue. We are aware that this exists and have our team working on it to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

We do have instructions to assist with that matter which I have sent to you. If you run into any problems at all, please contact us at shareasale@shareasale.com or click the “Submit ticket" button which appears on every page of the Integrations Steps process. We’re always happy to help you in every way!