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1. maaliskuu 2023

I have been using this App for almost 6 months now and I love it!!! It's easy to use, it's well layed out and does the job well. The fact that ShineOn uses this App themselves means it's tweaked and updated all the time and for me that's big! So far I haven't had any reason to reach out for help in using it. There are lots of videos and articles to help understand the ShineOn App. In group chats though, some have had a problem here and there, but the support team is quick to step in with suggestions. I particualarly find all the product renders helpful. With lots of people doing this, it makes it easier to be different or to try a new approach when creating Ads. The flexability of publishing to different page setups is also helpful. If I was to get one thing changed in ShineOn's App, it would be the option to update or change the Message Card from the original uploaded one, without having to creating a new listing. Other than that, I reckon the App is awesome, do the training, learn the skills and you will be a winner!!! All the best!

Family Gift Guide
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23. maaliskuu 2023

ShineOn is an app that I recently discovered, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. This app is a must-have for anyone who is looking for an easy-to-use and intuitive tool to manage their daily tasks and improve their productivity.

One of the things I love about ShineOn is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate and use. The app offers a wide range of features that allow users to create to-do lists, set reminders, track their progress, and much more.

What's more, ShineOn also offers a great way to stay motivated and on track with your goals by providing motivational quotes and messages that pop up throughout the day.

Overall, I would highly recommend ShineOn to anyone looking for a reliable, feature-rich, and user-friendly app to help them manage their daily tasks and boost their productivity.

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26. huhtikuu 2023

I could not say enough great things about ShineOn and the community around it. This is definitely the company for all print on demand sellers, new and experienced. Items ship fast, customer support is great, and there is an abundance of learning material provided for anyone who needs a start. For those who want to crush 6 and 7 figures in sales/year, there are amazing coaches available as well. If you're going to try POD, you should definitely give ShineOn a try first. You can thank me later.

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23. maaliskuu 2023

ShineOn is one of a kind POD company. They have TONS of information on how to sell their products successfully and they even have a huge database with premade designs you can use for free along with additional product videos and pictures and more. Their products have good profit margins and the support is great. The fulfillment times are lightning fast, usually sent out the very next business day. They are also constantly innovating the POD space with new ideas.

It might not be as easy to develop a "winning" design as they might say but once you have something that works for your audience, you will appreciate everything they do for us. They understand perfectly fine that our success is also their success and I feel cared for with everything I do. Overall my favorite POD company out there. I can recommend ShineOn 110%.

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8. toukokuu 2023

Great app that is user-friendly with quality products. The only thing I wish was different is having to re-upload designs for each store. It would be a much-needed time saver to be able to publish into multiple channels. Still far superior to other options out there!

Saltwater Dreams Store
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4. kesäkuu 2023

Started with the ShineOn Challenge, which was a great way for me to learn. I like to be able to access everything and know what I am getting into. ShineOn is changing constantly for the better...I have experienced many changes and I always look forward to seeing what is going to happen or be available next. I am a pro member so I am not sure what I would have thought starting without it or if I even need it, that remains to be seen. Product line is good.

Making Cache
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17. maaliskuu 2023

It has been a wonderful experience using ShineOn. The fact that you can add your own message cards to almost all the products totally helps connect with the intended buyers. Thank you ShineOn for all the training and for adding new products and improvements. The whole process is very simple and you can upload new products with message cards to your store fast and easy. Thanks to ShineOn our store was looking top-notch in no time and helped us provide gift options for an array of potential customers.

Viva Bliss Gifts
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2. toukokuu 2023

I had a great experience using Shineon for my customized necklace order. The online design tool was easy to use and allowed me to create a unique design that I was really happy with. The whole process was quick and seamless, was delivered right to my door in no time. I appreciated that Shineon uses sustainable and ethical practices, which made me feel good about supporting their business. Overall, I would highly recommend Shineon to anyone looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to create personalized products. Thank you for the great service!

Almamio - Customized Jewelry
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14. lokakuu 2022

Love this app! Easy integration with Shopify. Easy to place my designs into the product templates and then send to my Shopify store. Lots of mock-ups showing my designs on their products. HIGH PROFIT MARGIN and lots of support from this fulfillment company, including weekly LIVE online "Coffee with Michael" for inspiration and interviews with top sellers and helpful tips for success. Lots of archived info on their website for designs and marketing. Very accessible customer service (online chat). This was an easy choice for adding to my Shopify store!

Thought Baubles
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14. syyskuu 2023

Shine on is very user friendly. I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but this platform makes creating your designs so EASY!! I love the ability to create a template and then do a bulk upload of my designs. This is a game changer, it saves so much time! I would highly recommend to anyone who is in the ecommerce industry!

New Genesis Market
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