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14. kesäkuu 2023

I recently had the pleasure of using ShineOn's Print On Demand services, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, ShineOn has exceeded my expectations in every aspect of their service.

First and foremost, the quality of their products is outstanding. I ordered a personalized necklace for a special occasion, and the attention to detail was remarkable. The craftsmanship and materials used were top-notch, resulting in a beautiful piece that exceeded my expectations. The printing was flawless, and the colors were vibrant and true to the design.

The ordering process was seamless and user-friendly. The website was easy to navigate, and I appreciated the variety of customization options available. Uploading my design was a breeze, and I was able to preview and adjust it before finalizing my order. The whole process was quick and efficient, and I received regular updates on the status of my order.

Shipping was prompt, and my package arrived securely packaged to ensure the safety of the delicate item inside. I was delighted to see that ShineOn takes great care in ensuring that their products reach customers in perfect condition.

Customer service deserves a special mention as well. I had a couple of questions regarding my order, and their support team was responsive, friendly, and helpful. They promptly addressed my inquiries and provided me with the assistance I needed. It's evident that ShineOn values their customers and goes above and beyond to provide excellent service.

Overall, I highly recommend ShineOn's Print On Demand services. Their exceptional product quality, user-friendly website, prompt shipping, and outstanding customer service make them stand out from the competition. Whether you're looking to personalize a gift or create a unique item for yourself, ShineOn is the go-to platform for all your Print On Demand needs.

I am thrilled with my experience and will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you, ShineOn, for providing such a fantastic service!

Note: It's always a good idea to tailor the review based on your personal experience and provide specific details that showcase the aspects you appreciated the most.

One Stop Shop
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27. maaliskuu 2023

Not only does Shine-On produce exceptional products, but their team is also made up of some of the most amazing people. They offer so much free and comprehensive training designed to help their customers succeed.
They are constantly introducing new products and designs, and are always looking for ways to improve their processes to better serve their customers. I can't say enough positive things and I highly recommend the Shine-On app to anyone in need of a reliable and professional POD company.

20 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
26. maaliskuu 2023

I recently started using the ShineOn app on Shopify and I must say it's been an awesome experience. The app is incredibly easy to use and provides valuable insights and recommendations. It has definitely helped me in building my product page and ease into the Ecom journey. Love the products and design ideas on there as well, overall super excited for my next chapter. I highly recommend the ShineOn app to any Shopify store owner looking to take their business to the next level.

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Muokattu 11. toukokuu 2023

In my opinion, this platform selling necklaces is a fantastic option for anyone looking for high-quality and stylish jewelry. The wide variety of necklaces available ensures that there is something for everyone, and the excellent customer service makes shopping on this platform a pleasure. The user-friendly interface and fast shipping are additional benefits that make this platform stand out from the rest. Overall, I highly recommend this platform for anyone looking for beautiful and affordable necklaces.its good

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Muokattu 16. heinäkuu 2023

I quit my full time job as a game artist and wanted to have online POD business as primary income resource. I created Shopify store last year and created Etsy store this month in which I have T-shirts as main products. But I wanted to have high margin product which I found on ShineOn. The 14 days challenge is one of the best guide I am going through. Simple to understand videos, resources, guidance... everything is very good. I am on the 5th day of this challenge and I am sure I will have very good products in my store at the end of this challenge and very good business in future that I have dreamed about. So, thank you for giving me chance for this and boost my confidence to make POD business as my primary source of income. Thanks and all the best.

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20. maaliskuu 2023

ShineOn is a genuinely amazing experience to use. One of their platform's unique advantages is the ability to add your own unique designs to practically all of the products.
We also appreciate a lot ShineOn's thorough training (Coffee's tutorials…), great support team and the continuous launch of new products and enhancements.
We were able to provide our customers with a wide range of gift options and quickly transform our store's appearance.
This has really changed the game for our company, and we are happy to endorse it to anyone wishing to create an e-commerce store of unique products with ease! Thank you.

Ashley Alex Love Gifts
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ShineOn vastasi 21. maaliskuu 2023

Thank you for your thoughtful review! We're so happy to hear that you're having an amazing experience with ShineOn. Keep up the great work and we wish you all the success!

Muokattu 2. elokuu 2023

This APP was our first in Shopify. Even today is still the best APP in our shop. The fact that it has a great customer support that hold our hands through rough hours to solve and help with our fears and problems, makes ShineOn App very hard to beat. It is in fact great and thank you all, not only customer support. You make our e-commerce life better and easier.

Mr Shine Store
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23. maaliskuu 2023

I love everything about this addition to my Shopify store. ShineOn trains you on EVERYTHING, even if you don't have the basic store set up yet. There is no struggling to figure things out. If you are just getting started and need a place to begin, this is it! If you are already up and running and want customizable products, this is for you! Don't walk, run to get started!

Ebony and Ivory Fashion
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22. toukokuu 2023

Where has this program been my whole life? I have been looking for something like this and the amazing part is that they have some much content and tools to ensure I'm successful. This has been a true blessing. I'm just getting started but all the things I have been missing with my marketing, online efforts have been taken care of on Shine-on.

Remy Dre Shopping
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14. lokakuu 2022

I love how easy it is to work with Shopify ap. Smooth integration, high margins and great support! There is a small glitch with changes the languages showing incorrect product but that is being worked on by ShineOn and changing the photo for dog tag keychain needs a little work but overall, I love the product and espacially the support they give.

Inspired By Iris
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