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5. toukokuu 2023

Great products so far! I will update my review after I've had some luck with training and getting it connected to my store.

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14. huhtikuu 2023

Beautiful pieces, love the flexibility in the designs and the ability to create our own designs. Im only new to Print On Demand but the format at ShineOn is super easy to navigate and use

Icarus Creations
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ShineOn vastasi 18. huhtikuu 2023

Thank you for your review and for sharing your positive experience with ShineOn! We noticed that you gave us a 3-star rating and would love to know what we can do to earn a higher rating. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we would appreciate any feedback that could help us improve. Thank you for being a part of our family and we look forward to your success!

4. maaliskuu 2023

I start because saw many ppl sharing how they make 6-figures, so far trying to sell for a month, no sale yet buy hoping soon...

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26. helmikuu 2023

Had no problems with ShineOn until about a month ago. Tried uploading products, but the app lost connection to my store. Still waiting for the issue to be fixed.

TreeStreet Jewelry
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Muokattu 25. lokakuu 2022

ShineOn as a company is great! They are constantly putting out information on how to start or grow your business. As a newcomer to the POD game, I SERIOUSLY appreciate that! My only wish is that they would update their products. The jewelry style seems to only appeal to 1 demographic - my 75 year old mother ‍[palm to face]. In their trainings, they keep saying that the actual product doesn't matter, but I'm sure it helps - I know that even if I LOVED the message, if the jewelry isn't appealing, I'm not buying it! I'll copy that message I love into a $4 card instead! I would LOVE to see some more variation in the product catalog.

Uniquery Studio
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