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14 januari 2024

I love this company; they go all out to help you succeed. You just need to implement what they teach you and don't give up on yourself.
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1 februari 2024

Maybe I can answer that after I have made more sales. I do however love the ease of creating products. My only issue is that I would like to have more jewelry options to better match my messages!

Smitten Hearts Gifts
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18 januari 2024

I love working with Shineon! Their support is amazing and the products are high quality.

Stella Rose Gifts
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30 december 2023

I would recommend ShineOn. I couldn't do without it.
In some ways a bit challenging, especially when you're not a Tech savvy.

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4 februari 2024

Looks promising! I don't see the free 57 message cards in my ShineOn account? Also, how do you use them with the products?

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19 december 2023

Due to the alarming development, it is currently only enough for 1 star. I would like to give it more, but I don't see the reason for it at the moment and I don't see ShineOn being willing to change these things.

Product prices: The product prices were increased massively within a very short time without reason and without announcement! The costs of some products are already so high that it makes little sense to sell them.

Subscription: The newly introduced subscription is completely overpriced (835$/year) and reflects the current greed for profit. With the subscription you can buy back the "old product prices" for expensive money - it doesn't have much more to offer (in my opinion).

Too many upsells from ShineOn: ShineOn constantly wants to sell you something, even though you are actually the seller. Whether it's the subscription or new courses, there's always something. All for your own good, of course :)

No more sales unit bonus: There used to be better product prices (pricing tiers) for a certain number of units sold - these have been completely abolished without notice.

ShineOn Cash: Dubious internal cash system that nobody needs. If you take your customers to a ShineOn partner store and they shop there, you receive "digital" ShineOn Cash. Completely pointless and unnecessary.

ShineOn Support: Partly incompetent and only trained for theory. Nobody knows or comes from practice and knows how the real processes work. As a rule, you get standard phrases and nothing tangible.

There are also individual products that are popular and well received by customers - but I expect that too and would not emphasize it as something special. Without these products, ShineOn would probably not exist. So there are also good things, but unfortunately the development has been more negative.

Of course there are also a handful of people who are very successful with ShineOn, but the majority are more likely to fail or end up making no profit because they spend too much money not only on the store + marketing but also on everything to do with ShineOn.

Dein Schmuck Geschenk
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27 januari 2024

This process has been very easy to follow. Creating designs and uploading them is extremely satisfying once you see the final product

Harmony Gems
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16 dagen gebruiken de app
26 januari 2024

Good manageable range of jewelry. Their platform has improved so much from before. However, a lot of features were switched off on the Free Plan, unlike the previous arrangement. Still, ShineOn offers the best there is in the market. No complaints from happy buyers.

Moving Phrases
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2 februari 2024

Beautiful products and ease of use. What more could a person want.

E&E Expressions LLC
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28 dagen gebruiken de app
26 januari 2024

Just starting out, so far the experience is very good. Support team is very helpful and knowledgeable. The whole process of integration, design and publishing process has been great.

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