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31 de agosto de 2023

My very first order had a broken link on the chain. I sent for replacement and they charged me again. The replacement has now been in fulfillment for weeks. Will most likely be deleting this app. Very disappointed.

Estados Unidos
8 months usando a aplicação
9 de agosto de 2023

Just getting started with the app so impossible to give you a proper review before knowing how well it works or doesn't work!

3pups Inc
Estados Unidos
12 days usando a aplicação
Editado a 19 de agosto de 2023

I am not rating this as it does not seem to work with shopify occasionally it works but does lock you out of doing anything. I paid for this course and considering I get errors and can not log into

Gifts Smart X-Press
About 1 month usando a aplicação
30 de setembro de 2023

Not possible to find out what products they sell without installing the app and setting up the account then their FAQs say it isn't possible to close or delete an account.

3 minutes usando a aplicação
17 de abril de 2023

Shine On itself has many many problems. There is no customer service number to call if you have an issue, the chat person acts like they can't make any kind of decision about anything. If something does go wrong all you can do is hope the chat person actually does their job and corrects the issue. You're left hanging hoping the issue will be fixed. You have to chat and check behind them repeatedly to make sure your issue is fixed. Overall not a good company to do business with especially if you have an online store.

Cutesy Pie Cutie
Estados Unidos
Over 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShineOn 18 de abril de 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! This is not the experience we want for our Merchants. We reviewed the support tickets you submitted, and we are glad to see that you left positive reviews with our live support chat. We also noticed that the tickets were related to order status inquiries, and we didn't find any negative feedback from those interactions.

We would like to apologize for any confusion or frustration you may have experienced, and we would like to assure you that we value your feedback and take it seriously. We're committed to providing the best possible service to all of our Merchants, and we would like to work with you to address any remaining concerns you may have. If you're willing to give us another chance, we'd love to offer you VIP Support for your account. We appreciate you and look forward to the opportunity to serve you again!

15 de maio de 2023

I’m disappointed. They shouldn’t offer 2 day priority shipping if it’s not guaranteed and they don’t offer refunds. I understand no refund or return on the product but if i paid extra for a service i expect it or a refund because it’s not my fault and they get to pocket extra money. Let’s see if the product meets our standards atleast. I’ll be using a different vendor from now on.

Estados Unidos
6 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShineOn 19 de maio de 2023

Thank you for sharing your review, we know that Mother's Day is a crazy time of year for Merchants so we're sorry you had this experience! It does look like our Support Team reached out to you and offered a refund on the shipping fee. Please reach out to Support at to claim that refund and let us know if there's anything else we can do to help this one star turn into a 5 star. We are thankful to have you as part of the ShineOn Print-on-Demand family!

16 de maio de 2023

I'm sorry to report that my experience with this app was disappointing. I have some concerns regarding the authenticity of the reviews. While exploring the site, I encountered unprofessional behavior and limitations. Moreover, the help section seemed to be newly created, causing me to question its reliability. When attempting to delete my account, I realized that there was no self-service option, and I needed to contact customer support to have my personal information removed. This lack of professionalism leads me to advise against using this app.

The Inspiring Arts
Estados Unidos
15 minutes usando a aplicação
30 de dezembro de 2022

!!!!Dont download the app or do any business with this company!! I wanted to make a specific design with them and after two confirmations through chat, with a VERY clear picture of what I wanted, I bought a shopify subscription to use the app and put in my design. Suprise! This was not possible at all and therefore I contacted them AGAIN and then they informed me the design was not possible. Biggest scam ever and the most ugly designs I have ever seen. I would never even have a account with them if I wasnt sure I could make my own design.

Países Baixos
About 1 hour usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShineOn 9 de janeiro de 2023

- We do not accept artwork through chat or publish products on our sellers behalf.
- Shopify is not our product, we're sorry you're not satisfied with their experience. We believe Shopify provides a fantastic product, many others would agree, and we have found through all the sales channels we support, Shopify has the best outcomes and would be our first recommendation.
- We print and personalize very small items, based on sizes and constraints, not all designs work, and we find successful designs are ones that meet suggested parameters in which we do our best to document for your success.
- After careful review, we do not see any published products in our system under your store name. Therefore we are uncertain what may be done to further support you. Please contact and we'll do our best. Please let us know what store, design and product page is unsatisfactory to your standards and we'll be more than obliged to help.We also now have the Duplo online, and we no longer do perforated message cards.

11 de outubro de 2022

ShineOn, as a POD Company is pretty great (If you don't mind perforated, home-made looking message cards). However, the app in the app store is trash. After having issues with the app (and being directed to Shopify Support because the ShineOn support said it was a Shopify issue) I was told to uninstall and reinstall by Shopify's support. I uninstalled my "pinned" app. Trying to reinstall it... it wouldn't install at all. I kept getting the message "Whoops, something went wrong on our servers.
Please go back and try the action again in a few minutes."
When working with ShineOn support, I was directed to install it through their website... I have sort of reinstalled it. But it now makes me go through the annoying apps menu to get to the site. I cannot pin like before, as it's been installed as a third-party install. Overall - ShineOn is

Estados Unidos
Over 2 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por ShineOn 12 de outubro de 2022

Hello Seller, Thank you so very much for your feedback. Please review below based on your feedback

This is actually a bug in Shopify. Only embedded apps can be pinned. We transitioned to an non embedded app this summer. As a consequence of Shopify's handling of this change, anybody who pinned still sees the pin after switching, and the app doesn't load embedded anymore. There is nothing we can do to fix this other than contact Shopify and ask them to fix the issue.