Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment

Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment

da WebBee eSolutions Pvt Ltd.

Amazon Shipping simplified

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Sync inventory from Amazon FBA

Enables mapping of SKUs and keep updated about stock status so all the orders are fulfilled automatically.

Process Orders to Fulfillment

Orders for fulfillment are directed to respective Amazon Marketplaces

Track the status of Shipment

Tracking and sending notification about status of shipment by Amazon

Su Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment

About Auto Multi channel Fulfillment App

Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment app by WebBee facilitates a seller to automatically ship his orders through Amazon.

Amazon Marketplace Appstore approved app

The time and efforts saving integration app syncs Amazon FBA and Shopify store for automatic delivery of orders in different marketplaces across the globe. It completely eliminates the manual fulfillment and is scalable for store owners having orders in large numbers every day for efficient and faster shipping. .

Working of the app

The primary working of the app is consisted of different steps enabling faster and uninterrupted flow of data between the Shopify and Amazon FBA using its MCF program.

  1. Orders Sync: Through this process orders are synced from Shopify and after being matched with Amazon SKUs are passed on to Amazon MCA for fulfillment.

  2. Inventory Sync: A default process of the app, the inventory data on Amazon is imported on the app for mapping and fulfillment processing.

  3. Tracking Sync: The app sends shipping status of an order being fulfilled through e-mail notification through the apps.

Features of the App

Auto MultiChannel Fulfillment App has certain distinguished feature that powers it to seamlessly process and automate orders from Shopify store to Amazon MCF for fulfillment.

  1. An exceptional dashboard with an easy to use interface.

  2. Simple buttons to submit and sync order, inventory and tracking from Amazon and Shopify within the app. Or do this with our Automated sync flow.

  3. Simplified and easy configurable app settings for Amazon and Marketplaces.

  4. Mapping between SKUs between Amazon FBA and Shopify.

  5. Bundling of SKUs from Shopify to Amazon for festive occasions and discount offers.

  6. Partial tracking of orders.

  7. Inventory and order management for inventory status.

Why Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App!

The app is designed and developed by WebBee Global, a leading app development company having extensive experience in creating integration and extension for different eCommerce platforms and extensions. The fulfillment automating app helps a business to streamline and fast its shipping process in various ways.

  1. Automated fulfillment ensures time saving and faster shipping.

  2. Elimination of manual entry leading to an error free fulfillment.

  3. A Shopify Embedded App: No separate logins.

  4. Easy to use features and configuration settings.

  5. Seamless inventory and order management along with an automated fulfillment.

  6. Supports Bundles to increase cart value

This app will not create listings on Amazon or on Shopify or modify listings there.

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4.7 stelle su 5

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