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Very disappointed in the customer service. We have a major issue because this app can not support multiple fulfillment locations (even though it is totally normal within the industry and supported by Shopify). We reached out for help and Shipping Easy said they don't care and it's not their problem. Shopify also reached out and got no response.


We have spent ALOT of money with this app due to our high volume. We reached out to them because out of THIRTY apps that we use for our store, this was the ONLY one that had not updated so we could use Shopify’s location services - something we asked Shopify for because we desperately needed especially with the holiday season approaching. We even were part of a call with Shopify to test the features before they rolled it out. We told ShippingEasy that we were going to need to switch to ShipStation because we could not go into the holiday season without this key feature. We were told that their update would be available in four days from our call. Yet here we are TWO AND A HALF WEEKS after the PROMISED update and they still have not gotten it completed. They clearly just lied to us to get us to stay and we stupidly trusted them. It’s now Black Friday and we are in our second peak which means shipping 200+ orders a day. However, the chore of managing inventory at multiple locations impacts are service level.


Blended Designs

Edit: Decided to try this app again after a few weeks and my comment stands. Their support is worse than ever. Quite possibly one of the most garbage apps on the store with some of the worst customer service there is. I reached out the first time during their "on" hours and no one picked dup or answered the chat. I reached out an hour later again via chat and got stuck with an useless agent who was practically unable to do anything.

Axel Glade

BEWARE!! I just found out that they are over charging me for shipping on the back end for well over a month. Their label 'buy button' charge is much higher than the actual charge to your account. Check your history! Over a week and still no resolution from support. I have to keep calling for an update. I even spoke with the manager Brandon & Matt Jared etc and still no communication.

Kapa Nui

Shipping Easy was a perfect service for many months, then in the last 4 weeks they seem to have fallen apart. After an overnight "update" our templates were corrupted, our logo was distorted, some information went missing from out packing lists, and every time they try to fix it something else goes wrong. It's been buggy for 4 weeks now, and even with repeated calls and hours on the phone with their support people, they can't seem to fix the system. Lately they have been failing to update our Shopify store when orders ship, and on the packing lists we see "Liquid Error: wrong number of arguments (1 for 2)" which is ridiculous. We're getting ready to swtich...we can't put up with this anymore.

Red Bird Coffee

Bad experience they charge you from 0 to the second plan without have orders and they dont reimburse you, neither the money you paid in advance to USPS through them!

Zayra Mo

be careful, they never tell you they will charge you 5 per month even if you don't use it. And after you cancel it, they keep charging, it took me three months to completely get them to stop charging.


If I could give zero stars I would. I have lost over $20,000 shipping duplicate orders over a month timeframe bc this integration did not function properly. There are numerous orders on a daily basis that do not properly "speak" to shopify letting them know that the order was fulfilled. For anyone who is using this program, please look out for this error message in your shipping history. We had no clue about looking for this error. We are getting over 20 errors a day, so those orders will look like the order is not fulfilled in shopify. Since finding out about this technical error, we have been having to manually enter tracking numbers. PAIN in the *** , but at least we will not waste anymore money sending out duplicate orders. On top of this, customer service was HORRIFIC. They told me that they did their part and that I would need to contact shopify. This is their integration, they should have a responsibility to ensure that it integrates properly. I have a video on my IG showing the errors. Please check it out and save yourself from making this mistake with this company. @wigdealer
Finally after posting on my IG, someone else from the company reached out to apologize for how they handled this situation. He provided terrible service as well. He did not listen to understand but completely listened to give an excuse. He summed this up as "human error". In other words "our" fault for shipping twice. There is truly a communication error with this system and I was done trying to help him see it. All he heard was we shipped twice. BUT we shipped them twice bc some of the orders were not telling shopify that they were already shipped. So when we log into shopify to ship our international orders, these orders would still few orders would show up as unfulfilled and get shipped again. Us not thinking too much into it bc we have hundreds of orders a day. The program should work correctly. We shouldnt have to remember what was shipped in shipping easy and have to go back in shopify and mark it as shipped. This is where integration should come in play. PLEASE PLEASE check your shipping easy shipping history and check for error messages.


this is the worse app on the market. Go to print out labels and prints out other customers labels.

Sequin Appliques

this software is sooooooo confusing no one can use it. there are a million part to try to use it that won't work together. i have spent over 2 hours trying to send 5 packages is soo sad i am very displeased