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2 maggio 2014

Huge huge praise so far. It all integrates amazingly well with shopify. Set up accounts with FedEx, UPS, and Endicia (USPS); plug all those accounts into Shippo, and suddenly you've got the ability to click a button from each order and view pricing options, buy a label, print it, print the invoice, and send an email to the customer with the tracking number, all from one place. All without some ridiculous monthly subscription (which is what I've always found before.) 5 cents a label is totally acceptable for the level of convenience this adds.

I use a Dymo label printer, and have to do a bit of a work-around to get the labels to print properly, but it didn't take me long to figure it out, and their site says that label formating for printers like this are coming soon, so I'm looking forward to that.

Great service, highly recommend.

WarpZone Prints
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11 giugno 2014

Seamless integration with Shopify and easy to use interface. Have had a few questions that were answered promptly by either email or the in-app chat feature. Being able to check rates among carriers saves me a lot of time and hassle (not to mention, money!), and I like being able to reprint the label if I need to. They're working on a few other value added features that I'll keep an eye out for, but in the meantime the service is doing exactly what I need it to.

Beach Doggies
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26 maggio 2014

Great App and great prices! Makes shipping hassle free and the app is easy to use! Would highly recommend.

Made in America Co.
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10 marzo 2014

I just want to say thank you. I'm so lucky to find your app today. It's just rocks! I love your UI and system, it's streamlined and just perfect!

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13 gennaio 2024

Really love this app. Easy to use, comparable shipping rates. I started use Shippo directly thru their website, then install this integration and that really save a lot of time and less manual entry package information.
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Thank you for your review! We're thrilled to hear you're enjoying Shippo. If you ever need support in the future, please reach out to us at We'd be happy to help!

Thank you,
Shippo Support

28 maggio 2014

This app has saved me SO MUCH TIME! It's the only app I am 100% happy with. SO IMPRESSIVE - MUST HAVE!!!!!

Allied Maker
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30 marzo 2015

We have been very happy with Shippo. It costs a nickel per label, which is well worth it. Shippo integrates with Shopify so we don't have to retype any addresses which not only saves time, but prevents data entry errors. The label does not show the postage amount on it. Currently, they do not have an option for scheduling pickups with the carriers, but they hope to do that soon.

We have found the Shippo support team to be very quick, friendly, and professional. This is definitely an excellent choice for shipping.

Resurgent Grains
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17 gennaio 2015

CANADIAN ECOMMERCE FOLKS. Finally an app that works well with Canada Post (works well with FedEx, UPS etc as well). Tried both ShipStation and Ordercup before finally finding one that integrates properly with Canada Post. With the others you needed a commercial Canada Post account in order to integrate. Shippo allows you to just use your Venture One card. The only problem we have had is that when using Canada post to ship your product, it does not allow you to print a 4x6 label, you have to print it on a regular sheet of paper. Hoping they can fix this in a future update? Much much more intuitive to use than both ShipStation and Ordercup as well...

AerialTech Inc.
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18 maggio 2014

Such an easy app to use. Completely integrates me store with a shipping platform. Excited to see what these guys come up with in the future.

5 stars easy. Support is amazing too.

The Pet's Tech
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21 novembre 2014

Great way to print shipping labels on the fly when you don't have the time in one day to be transferring data to your label printer.

Gifts Ready To Go, LLC | 1-855-936-4438
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