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22 april 2022

I have been using this app since August 2020. Initially I had no issues with this app, but in the last one year, the service of Shiprocket has gone from BAD to WORSE. They have lost a total of 4 of my shipments amounting to 10,000. The shipments are severely delayed to close by destinations like Delhi. Sometimes shipments take 20 days to reach Delhi. Tracking information is not updated many times and there is no resolution from the call centre at all. Let me talk about the chat support first- Their only job is to issue tickets after which you receive a mail stating your ticket id and informing you that the issue will be resolved within 24-48 hours and you will be contacted once the issue is resolved. After 48 hours you receive a mail stating that the issue is resolved. When actually there is no resolution! The call centre has the worst service ever. They read from a script that is now by heart to me aswell. No one can provide you a resolution on the spot. They always ask you to wait for 24-48 hours. They say they will call back, they never do. They dont solve your problems and you are stuck calling them every day for the same thing, and do not expect any different answer. Today I spoke with a senior, who also had no answers and has again asked me to wait for 24 hours and promises a call back. Most of the times the seniors are not available and you are stuck talking to junior level call centre people who have no answers for you. Shiprocket has been responsible for spoiling my business name as they continuously delay the deliveries of my shipments. My husband was using Shiprocket for his business and has switched to PICKRR and he couldn't be happier. I am just waiting for my wallet balance to get over and then I too will make the switch. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

Monay By Nayomi Sanspara
9 månader användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 26 april 2022

Hi, We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We would like to inform you that the shipment has been marked as "Soft Lost" (Actual status will remain the same) due to unforeseen circumstances, the however investigation will be continued and we will ensure to keep you updated. Team Shiprocket

20 juli 2022

Never Try their service.
They are Completely fraudulent, Shipped 14 orders & they RTO 12 parcels in 2 days after a single attempt only -"fake attempts" and updated a non-delivery remark as "Others". I have recorded calls of all the buyers, they informed me neither they get a call nor did any delivery boy reach the given address. Additionally, the customer service representative has been ignoring my calls for the past 5–6 days continuously. He assured me that all of my shipments would be delivered again and asked for 24 hours to fix the problem; as of this writing, I haven't heard back from him.

Magical Kart
2 månader användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 25 juli 2022

Hi, we have shared the information on your registered mail with the ticket number:4984723. Kindly check. Please feel free to mail us at escalation@shiprocket.com for further assistance. - Team Shiprocket

11 februari 2022

The customer care is pathetic. They just hnag the call when they cannot resolve the issue. The only response they give is " Our team is working on the issue".
My shipment is not delivered since last 3 weeks and no one is aware where the shipment is.

My Lil Princess
Mer än ett år användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 14 februari 2022

Hi, we apologize for the hassle. We would like to inform you that the shipment has been RTO initiated on 13-02-2022 and now In transit. The TAT for RTOed shipment is 15-20 working days from the moment the shipment return is begun. - Team Shiprocket

17 juni 2022

OH MY GOD! WHAT A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE I HAD IN THE FIRST 2 DAYS !! I am still waiting for someone to come and pick up the order. All of their employees are saying the same thing that they will try to pick it up on the next working day from the last 2 days.

Gadget Glaze
3 månader användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 21 juni 2022

Hi, We are extremely sorry for the issue you have faced regarding your order pickup. We want to inform you that the shipment has been delivered on 19-06-2022. Please feel free to mail us at escalation@shiprocket.in for further assistance. - Team Shiprocket

Redigerat 7 december 2022

Dont trust Shiprocket. If we can give less than 1 star I would give that. I lost many parcels and they dont reply where those parcels are Its been many days I am following up with parcels not been returned back to their origin and those products are Vintage products. It's very important we get those parcels on time. But its been 20 days since they didn't update the status of the parcels and they do not bother to reply back with any updates even after everyday follow-up. Shipping rate are high
Worst customer service Same reply all the time They dont understand the urgency Pathetic.

Update as on Dec 2022:

It's been three months. They have not remitted the COD amount. This is extremely frustrating. They do not care.

Find out other logistic companies but not Shiprocket

The Tribal Swag
Mer än 4 år användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 25 augusti 2021

Hi, Thank you for the valuable time during the conversation over the call. Your feedback is important to us and we'll surely notify our team regarding it. We wish to provide a better service in the future. Please feel free to write us at escalation@shiprocket.com or call us at 9266623006.- Team Shiprocket

28 oktober 2021

Very frustrating service, the customer service from shiprocket is THE worst ever. Everytime we tried to escalate the issue we have to wait atleast 24-48 hrs. but the issue is still not closed, then again when we try to call them they repeat the same process to wait for more 24-48 hrs. Telling the customer service guys to solve the problem is literally MADNESS!! they do not listen and always make their word come true. We are facing frequent RTO, COD Remittance delays, NDR's, and whatnot! Horrible service.

Ungefär 2 år användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 2 november 2021

Hi, To hear such feedback has us profoundly pondering, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please help us with the detailed concern at escalation@shiprocket.in and we will get back to you on priority. - Team Shiprocket

24 augusti 2021

I so wish I could share the long screenshot of my package history to educate everyone how pathetic is the service of shiprocket.
I have been using shiprocket for my dispatches for 2 years now and have been facing small ignorable issues but then, there was one parcel that was dispatched and even after 20 days, the parcel could not be delivered. The shiprocket team is highly incapable of doing anything regarding your parcel. Either you work hard and call the courier company directly and plead them to deliver or else wish yourself all the best. After making 10 calls in 15 days to the shiprocket customer care, the customer care executive finally agreed to make me talk to Mr. Munir, the so called senior. I thought of him to be a responsible guy as he assured me the delivery in next 24-48 hours but now it has been 5 days to his commitment and yet nothing has happened. In the end, it is my customer who is going to blame me and the brand. I suggest all the companies working with or thinking to start with shiprocket to NOT WORK WITH THEM. These guys are good for nothing. I am now switching to a different courier provider and it is a lesson I have learnt. It is not a fake remark, to prove this I am sharing the package details, AWB no. of Fedex 281971954593. I shipped this parcel through shiprocket and it has been 25 days since the dispatch and no concrete response has been received from shiprocket.

Abkasa Designer Apparels Pvt. Ltd.
Ungefär 3 år användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 24 augusti 2021

Hi, We understand this must have been extremely inconvenient for you. Accept our sincere apologies for the same as this is not something we are known for. Our team has been notified of the same and you shall be contacted in this regard, soon. - Team Shiprocket

15 mars 2021

Worst experience ever ...no proper customer support...iam trying to reach from a week and i have not got any help from the team...all the call center staff are not responding to the problem we have ....i wish i hadent choose this shopper

Online Store of Sheelaa M Bajaj
Nästan 5 år användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 16 mars 2021

We never intended to cause the experience & this certainly is an unusual instance. Please help us with the AWB number at escalation@shiprocket.in and we will get back to you on priority. - Team Shiprocket

11 juli 2021

Poor query resolution!! Xpress bees one of the partners at shiprocket has raised weight discrepancies to the tune of 10x of the actual rate, despite opting for the weight freeze option. I am getting no help at all from the shiprocket team. Constant changing of KAM has made it tough to expect a consistent relationship.

Gr8 Sports
Mer än 2 år användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 15 juli 2021

Hi, we hope your concern has been addressed now over the call by your key account manager. Looking forward to serving you in future. - Team Shiprocket

29 juli 2021

They may provide some good courier rates, but it is the most unprofessional non-responsive company I have come across. Frequent NDR without trying, RTO without informing, Pickups delayed, deliveries delayed. Escalation doesn't work. Tickets are not responded to and closed after the issue is resolved by itself. Calling the customer care and speaking with a senior is pointless as the escalation never happens or never works. Order sync doesn't work properly. Order cancellation doesn't work via the Shiprocket dashboard. Orders cancelled sometimes still shows up in the dashboard. Money added to wallet shows as unusable.

Nerd Arena
Nästan 2 år användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 6 augusti 2021

Hi, It was never our intention to cause any disruption to our customers. We have initiated freight refund for AWB No.14326421245122 along with Forward Refund 198.20 and RTO Refund 168.50. - Team Shiprocket