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18 oktober 2018

We use shiprocket for almost all our shipping needs. The automatuc integration with Shopify makes using it just seamless. Also like them for their lower that usual shipping charges.

VedEssence India
Ungefär 20 timmar användning av appen
Redigerat 23 maj 2023

(last review with 4 star) Update after 24 hours: Got call from Shiprocket team through out the day, helped me out with my queries and then with few settings understanding the API is exchanging information. Again would like to appreciate Mr. Shaan over here for handling my problems diligently. Rating updated 4 Star.

(Second review with 1 star after frustrating experience with API) Updated after 1 hour waiting for orders to sync: Mr. Shaan has informed that he will follow-up after 30 mins and there will be orders seen on dashboard. No call, No Sync, No Option to follow-up from my end with support team.
Such a waste of time. If shiprocket is checking this review, i anticipate a call back.

(First Review with 4 Star)The support function is quite proactive and helpful to run me thorough the shiprocket portal. Mr. Shaan from shiprocket has hold on total portal section and he guided me through the necessary settings in jiffy.

Bright Organik
11 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 15 februari 2018

Shiprocket is charging 3x-4x on the shipping rates. Contact your nearest BlueDart/Aramex/FexEx office and they will provide you better rates than this. For a courier from Surat to Bangalore, you will just need INR 76 at max, but Shiprocket and their partners charge INR 289?

Etherbit Store
2 dagar användning av appen
6 augusti 2018

worst services, worst company, unreasonable

2 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 13 februari 2020

This platform is very easy to use with Shopify. Shiprocket is best app for courier facility they offer you the best price and best courier facility.
Sarika is my KAM , doing good job, happy with the services.

Ungefär 9 timmar användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 17 februari 2020


It is delightful to hear such positive words and It's always a pleasure to serve the best to our user.

Team Shiprocket

12 augusti 2021

Hopeless App Hopeless Service, Never Use Them as shipping partner, they never respond, never call back, will not return your money of your wallet.

Tera13 By Ramneek Singh 1313
2 dagar användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 13 augusti 2021

Hi, this is not the kind of experience we would want our customers to have and we'll surely take this on priority. Furthermore, keep maintaining your faith in us. We will share an update soon with you regarding the issue. - Team Shiprocket

10 oktober 2018

Wonderful Service. Awesome Customer Support. The best thing i like about this App is that it automatically pulls up order from shopify and ready to process, so you don't have to create excel sheets and hire staff worth 20-30K /month salary. I pay just 2000 per month and get value much above than that. Its not just an app, i will say its an investment you make which can grow your business in the upward direction. Mutiple courier companies to choose from, all on a single platform. Thank you guys for your support.

Buy Shoes Now
Ungefär 8 timmar användning av appen
2 september 2021

The Biggest MISTAKE I did in my e-commerce business IS USING SHIPROCKET. This service is so bad that it can completely spoil your ecom business. Here are the issues I faced but never got the solution... 1. Pickup Exeption issue - The courier boys were picking up the parcels but not updating in the shiprocket portal that the parcels have been picked up hence some parcels show pickup exception and when we share the signed manifest with the Shiprocket support team, they delay the process always. I had around 20 cases like this and they never solved the issue and in return they say that you have done FAKE sign on Manifest, haha... what an amazing reason to close the case. 2. No Transparency on COD remittance - We cannot see how much COD amount has been collected in the portal, everytime we have to call in the support number to know the amount and someone will tell you a different figure and then another person will tell you a different figure. 3. Fake Attempts - The delivery boys from the aggregated courier companies make a LOT of fake attempts and when you share the proof with Shiprocket team, the support team just delay the process and hence the shipment becomes RTO. If you are going with Shiprocket, then you should expect a jump in your RTO percentage by 20-30%. The list of problems can go on and on with shiprocket. But even after reading the above feedback if you want to go with Shiprocket then feel free to ship at least 100 pacels and then the picture will be very clear to you. Or if you want a better solution then go with Ithink logistics (Way better) ---------------------------
In the end, I just want to tell to the shiprocket team that, kindly improve your work. I have my so many parcels pending (ticket no. 3171114), solve them if you have the willingness. I will be very happy to change my feedback based on the improved performance.
--------------------------- Thank You
En dag användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 2 september 2021

Hi. We understand this must have been extremely inconvenient for you. Accept our sincere apologies for the same as this is not something we are known for. Our team has been notified of the same and you shall be contacted in this regard, soon. - Team Shiprocket

3 juli 2020

Apps Integration with Shopify is 8/10. APPs UI/UX is best among all available apps at least in the Indian market for logistic support.
Better pricing and discounts on shipments are available on other platforms as well so that is 8/10.
Highest courier partners tie-ups in industry 10/10.
Customer support or technical support is not that great I receive a call from Aman ( my POC ) immediately but after that issue resolution is slow, That needs to be improved 7/10.

Within Nutrition
Ungefär 19 timmar användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 4 juli 2020

Thank you for giving us this proverbial pat on the back, you made our day! We will strive to deliver great experiences consistently.
-Team Shiprocket

13 maj 2021

I really like the interface and the capability to integrate different courier company. But to start a company with Shiprocket is not an easy. I raised so many questions but support person either never look at the issue or reply after so many days by then we would have resolved the issue ourselves. I would say, if their support is good, shiprocket would be better however, this is not the case currently. We face so many issues but sometimes either their number is not working or support tickets are not resolved.

En dag användning av appen
Shiprocket - Shipping in India svarade 17 maj 2021

Hi, To hear such feedback has us profoundly pondering, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please be assured that our team is following up closely to resolve the matter. We have arranged a callback from our team. We request your cooperation with us. - Team Shiprocket