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7 dicembre 2021

Yes, it's easy. Still, I do not understand all the positive reviews. I am truly disappointed by this app as Service is beyond unreliable. There was no notification when items went low or out of stock or are even no longer available. We got to know when a customer ordered. Latest issue: an item for an order from yesterday is to be restocked only days after Christmas. My assumption: Shirtigo is not able to deliver reliable print on demand, as they supposedly do not hold any stock. Due to operating on demand themselves, they do not get or share any pre-warning if items are out of stock, which happens a lot. For us this means 100% of products ordered so far were delayed or no longer available - those were not too many, but all different items. I guess you can imagine what an issue this could be for a small store with mainly first time customers atm. Currently looking for a new partner.

feels like yoga
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Shirtigo GmbH ha risposto 8 dicembre 2021

Hello "feels like yoga" team,

Thanks for the feedback, which we take very seriously!

First of all, I would like to say that we always have all the products in our range on stock. We keep large quantities of every product in our range in accordance with the forecasted demand. Otherwise it would not be possible at all to run a print-on-demand company seriously.

We currently have almost 98 percent of all offered product variants (more than 2000) on stock. Despite the Christmas season, our average production time is 2.3 working days atm.

We are aware that fast delivery times, in addition to very good printing quality and an easy integration, are the most important criteria for our partners. The fact that we receive a lot of positive reviews (not only here on Shopify) is precisely related to the fact that we offer a good POD service, take feedback seriously and are aware of the drivers of success - even if, as in your case, not everything always goes smoothly. I am very sorry about that. But even then, we can communicate together, explain causes of problems and find a better solution for the future. We want to grow together with our partners and continuously improve our service in order to enable shops to offer great products online. That is our main goal!

I checked your 4 orders. In fact, 3 of these orders had an unexpected delivery bottleneck. One product was a discontinued product, the announced delivery of the raw goods for the current order was delayed by 2 weeks ... This is also very annoying for us, but such significant deviations are difficult to anticipate. I agree with you that this can be communicated in a more user-friendly way. We are definitely working on that!

If you are interested, just drop an email to: I am sure that we will convince you of our service like many other shops and we will surely find a solution for the currently order.

Many greetings,
Tim from Shirtigo