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26 maart 2023

$2,250 for an app that is broken out-of-the-box!?!? This is madness!

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Shoelace heeft geantwoord 28 maart 2023

Hi Dan,

I hope you are doing well.

Shoelace is translating into a full-funnel marketing agency, so the automation plan is only available for Facebook retargeting.
For Google and other platforms, we offer high-tier managed services plans that include a designated Growth Partner who will craft a full-funnel ads strategy for the platform you choose (Facebook/Google/TikTok/Snapchat/Pinterest) based on your brand's data. Furthermore, you'll receive monthly reporting, optimizations, access to various reporting and measurement tools, a dedicated account manager, and industry experts to help build your brand and drive results for you. Our pricing for these services starts at $2250/month.

If you would like the opportunity to talk through your feedback or hear more about our managed services, someone from our team would be happy to speak with you. We hope you have a lovely day!

The Shoelace Team

1 februari 2022

VERY disappointed with the way I have been treated by the team at shoelace. I started using this app way back in 2017-2018 when they had their free (basic) version. I ran into some issues of late - the app wasn't automatically updating my catalog in the FB account, thereby serving old ads and pictures to potential customers. I contacted them right away to try and fix the issue and see what we can do. Instead of getting a response to solve my query, they sent me a blanket email from Cam O'Neill (supposedly the account executive at shoelace) saying that I had to be spending a minimum of $2000 with shoelace to be able to get ANY form of customer support from them.
I told him I don't have that kind of money to spend in the first place which was why I went on their basic plan to begin with! But no reply after several days.
I honestly would've been happy to pay for them to maintain my account but as a small business, $2000 a month blows my budget out of the water. And that is NOT even including AD SPEND!! So - This is how shoelace treats their LOYAL customers. I am left shocked, baffled and disgusted by their lack of customer service and empathy. Would NOT recommend to anyone. They are quite literally just money-hungry so do yourself a favour and use a different FB retargeting app altogether.

Stamp + Shine
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Shoelace heeft geantwoord 2 februari 2022

Hi there,

Thank you for your review, and we are sorry to hear about your recent experience. The email you received was part of an automated sequence we have just recently created. We assure you that Cam O’Neill is indeed an account executive here at Shoelace. We have recently transitioned our core business to a full service agency and while we still support our automations plans, we don’t promote them.

For users like yourself, who have been on our free plan since 2017, we do still offer support, but our team there is small and works on a ticket by ticket basis which is what caused the delay in getting back to your response, but rest assured they will be getting to it shortly.

If you would like the opportunity to talk through your feedback with one of our team members, we would be happy connect. Again, thank you for your feedback and we will be in touch shortly to resolve the issue.


The Shoelace Team

Bewerkt 3 maart 2023

This company, once a resource to small businesses, changed their business model. Shoelace is not a good partner for a small businesses. We worked with them for 5 years before we parted ways. Pay attention to the reviews that all say the same thing: they once were a solid partner, and now they aren't. Be well.

Always Fits
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22 november 2020

So very disappointed with Shoelace ads. After years of using them for retargeting ads, we upgraded to the very expensive prospecting service. It was a joke. Store owners, please feel free to reach out to me. I would be happy to share my experience and numbers. Also, I just removed their app and they deleted all of my history! We paid for them to run these ads, also for the ads and audiences themselves. This information should be ours to keep.

Simply Me Boutique
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Shoelace heeft geantwoord 18 december 2020

Hi There,

Thanks for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that your experience has been both frustrating and underwhelming. We really pride ourselves in providing great results and service to all our clients - which we are sorry to hear has fallen short of expectations. 

Please rest assured, we continuously keep our ears to the ground for any insights or learnings we can share with our clients and will take your feedback as learning to ensure it is communicated better going forward. 

We want to thank you again for your time with us and perhaps, there will be another opportunity down the line to give us another try and we can deliver a better outcome. 

Thank you, 
Shoelace Team

Bewerkt 13 september 2023

installed the app two weeks ago, but the campaigns were never set by the team, I sent two emails a week ago, and no one has replied to me.

Onlinemarkat Com
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4 november 2019

This would be a good app if I can get someone to call me back or fix the issue of not being able to log in. I was referred to this app but am wondering if I need to look into others. They never seem to respond.

Fair Shade
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Shoelace heeft geantwoord 12 november 2019

Hey there,

Thank you for considering using Shoelace! Our team replies within 1 business day to external requests. We were able to get in touch with you during this time frame and were also able to help you log in. Please let us know if there's anything else we could assist you with at

Team Shoelace

28 september 2018

I'll be honest. They change their app all the time without telling their customers and ignore their older clients. I have no idea if the app is even working on my platform anymore (and they don't care to notify you) because I haven't seen a bill in months and when I email them they tell me that they don't have the plan I'm on anymore. No notice on this whatsoever. I'm moving apps.

root + spring
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Bewerkt 8 december 2017

Don't belive what the app tells you, ours has said it's made £2954 in sales (last 30 days) retuning 768 cutomers for a spend of £450... thats pretty crap as a return goes... but here's the bad news, when you look at google analytics the truth comes out... Shoelace only got us two sales (yes only two). what a ripping off scam it is... don't trust their data at all.

Global Gym Wear
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14 april 2018

Used with Kit. Worst thing we ever did to our facebook ads account! It completely took over roles and accounts/pixels etc. and we have been unable to get our ads account back to tracking the shopify data we need on our account. We will have to hire a professional just to get it put back to the way it was originally. Also the ads were generic and didn't provide a good ROI. We spent over 10k in advertising to give it a fair shot. We literally wasted that money and ended up in worse condition than we started.

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Bewerkt 17 maart 2020

spent about $300 to get $774 of turnover during 2 months (used as retargeting and added to cart together) - no interest,
so it was deleted like waste app

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Shoelace heeft geantwoord 18 maart 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback! I can see that you were installed on our self-serve plan, and while we do not provide account management on this plan, our team is readily available to share tips and best practices to help get the best value from your ads! If you would like to give Shoelace another try at any time, please get in touch at, and we can help you get started again with some tips on audiences and durations that may work better for your store.

Talk soon!
Team Shoelace