Lit.Live Shop Sync

Lit.Live Shop Sync

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Lit.Live Shop Syncの詳細情報

The Lit.Live Shop Sync App

The Lit.Live Shop Sync Shopify app is a tool for Shop LIT Live merchants to unify their stores across LIT.Live mobile app and Shopify.

  • Send you products over to LIT.Live, then stream and go live with your products and sell directly to stream viewers.
  • Load your orders back to Shopify where your and manage them in your existing Shopify store experience!

The LIT.Live Mobile App

LIT.Live is a social live shopping app that provides a fun way for you to discover unique products and amazing deals everyday.

Discover Amazing Deals You no longer have to spend hours and hours, by yourself, scrolling through endless web pages to find the best product at the best prices. We do all that hard work for you! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and be inspired.

Shop Live Our live shopping platform allows you to interact with your favorite creators, brands, and sellers, as well as connect with other users. You can chat, co-stream with an creator and even become a seller and live-stream yourself.

Explore The ultimate place for you to share your favorite product and shopping experiences, in whatever medium you enjoy. You can learn from others and others will be inspired by you - it’s all about the community!

Seamless Shopping Tired of getting redirected through many steps to buy what you want? Now you can check out with one click in our app and just wait to enjoy your latest purchase.

Discover. Shop. Go Live!





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