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24 maggio 2023

i dont think it works, i still get a mass load of excessive clicks from india and pakistan and the biggest culprit, ashburn

A’Lei Beauty
Regno Unito
5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Eggflow ha risposto 18 maggio 2024

Dear A’Lei Beauty,

Thank you for your review and for sharing your experience with Shop Secure. We're sorry to hear that you're still receiving excessive clicks from certain regions despite using the app. We understand how frustrating this can be.

Please reach out to our support team at so we can investigate and address this issue. We're committed to helping you resolve this and improving the effectiveness of the app for your needs.

We appreciate your feedback and your support over the past five months.

Best regards,
The Eggflow Team

1 aprile 2019

Have a few bugs:
1. It is blocked the unwanted countries but in the Shopify analytics, it still shows the visitor has entered my shop which is broke my pixel.

2. about the GDPR law, it shows it to everyone even when I pick the premium plan which it should show it only for EU countries.

3. in mobile it duplicates the message of the GDPR law. for example:

We'd like to use cookies and collect analytics to improve our websites. You can find out more in our You can find out more in our Privacy Policy.

Please Fix This issues soi can rate you normally.

Epic Loot Shop
8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Eggflow ha risposto 1 aprile 2019

Thanks your for your reviews.
We will check these bug and respond to you soon.

26 novembre 2020

Had issues with this app. Hasn't blocked certain locations and have reached out to support numerous times! No one has got back to me, very frustrating!

5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Eggflow ha risposto 26 novembre 2020


Thank you for your feedback.

We received your request before and checked your store. We saw that the countries (ex US ...) is still blocked by the app. We wonder if do you check the blocked country through another application? Besides, we are continuing to upgrade this feature to make it better, so We are very sorry for the delaying updates information to you. Wish you sympathize.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other feedback or need the assistance via live chat or email (

Thanks again,
Eggflow Support Team.

16 settembre 2022

Bom estou conhecendo ainda nao posso falar muito sobre o app, assim que me familiarizar voltarei aqui para avaliar. | Compre com confiança
2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Eggflow ha risposto 17 settembre 2022

Thank you and hope this application is useful to you and that you have a real and complete review of our application.

2 luglio 2019

I installed this app only to find the shopify logo of the bag appeared on my website, when i clicked on it, it allowed me to go into edit mode of the website. I did this also from a laptop straight by putting the url into the browser. Same thing i could go into the shopify editor. Left message on the chat and also sent an email to support, no response in three days. Now I have uninstalled as do not want anyone getting access to the website,

Loving the Ocean
Regno Unito
10 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
Eggflow ha risposto 3 luglio 2019

Hello Jay!

I received your email on July 2 and replied to it right away, could you recheck your inbox? Also, I could not find any chat record under your email, so could you let me know what email you used? Please email me at

As for your concern, the Shopify logo is shown to ONLY you because you are currently logged in your store back end (regardless of your devices). Other visitors and customers can NOT see the bar, so no worries about it.
To try it, simply open your site in incognito mode and you won't see the option anymore.

Rest assured, this is not caused by our app, or any app at all. It is simply a feature of Shopify.

If you are willing to give Shop Secure another chance, I would be happy to help you with any problem you have.

Have a nice day!