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15 maggio 2024

I love the Shop App. All of your orders are in one place, you are able to see your order and pictures of your order at a glance. You can give reviews on the product you purchased. The Shop app is my preferred method of online shopping.

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27 maggio 2024

It has greatly increased my sales and I love being able to have it on mobile where most people do their shopping now.

Clarksville Hobby Depot LLC
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29 aprile 2024

Since the launch of the Shop App our store has seen an increase in sales mainly due to getting exposure to a whole new audience of buyers. If you are selling on shopify and have not set up your store on this app you are missing out!

Rare Playing Cards
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29 maggio 2024

A beautiful feature and additional place to help increase traffic and sales. Thank you for this.

Earthly Comfort Home
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11 maggio 2024

Since I've added Shop to my website, I have been getting more sales. I would recommend this app to anyone looking for a good marketplace to sell your products with.

Modern Reign
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8 maggio 2024

Shop has been great. I didn't pay much attention to it until I noticed a significant number of new customers coming from there.

Purple Lamb
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28 maggio 2024

Great app. Provides my clients with an extremely easy way to checkout. It also gives me a stream of reviews that I don't even have to worry about asking for.

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4 aprile 2024

Shop has been an incredible asset to our business! Since integrating Shop, we've noticed a significant increase in website traffic and customer engagement. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with our online store have made it easier than ever for customers to browse and purchase our products. We're thrilled with the results and highly recommend Shop to any business looking to boost their online presence and drive sales

Grit Knives
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5 aprile 2024

The Shop app is a great addition and it was extremely easy to update with our store information. Cannot wait to see how it boosts our sales and brings more customers that would enjoy ALL GREY'D OUT products.

All Grey'D Out
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2 giugno 2024

Love using shop pay both for my business and for personal use!!! I use it more than any other paying option!

Honeybee's Designs
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