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18 novembre 2023

Not great, I need to be able to moderate reviews. Seems a little under developed. I'll delete this review if I can moderate Shop App reviews myself :) thank you I hope someone reads this! Or if you help me delete some reviews from someone spamming me I'll also delete this review happily.

Tai Swim Co
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Shopify ha risposto 20 novembre 2023

Thank you for your review! Currently, customers can submit a review after they have made a purchase and used the Shop app. Once submitted, reviews are assessed for any of our policy violations. Shop may reject or remove a review if the review violates any of our Shop policies. At this time, store owners can not remove reviews. -Emily, Shop Support

28 agosto 2023

For about 3 weeks now, almost every purchase made via the Shop channel/app has ended up being a fraudulent order. Not only that, the orders were not flagged by Shopify's system - Shopify Fraud Protection did not catch those things and we got hammered with fraudulent orders and chargebacks - we found out on our own either from people calling in after the orders went through, or when we look through the order details and payment capture information. Yes, we do look at each order that comes in - we're not a large company, we're a small business, and we like to know where each one of our products go to; being that we are a small business, these fraudulent orders have caused financial losses and the stress on the team is almost unbearable.

The first one we noticed was about two weeks ago, when that person actually called us and told us they never placed this order. The shipping address was his mother’s and the billing address was his old address. He said he hadn’t used the Shop app in months. We chatted with Shopify’s support but the only thing they said was that they think that person's account got hacked.
Fast-forward to two weeks later, and we get a chargeback from someone else with nearly the same story. They ordered something that’s custom-made and takes about 4-6 weeks to build, so it hadn’t even shipped yet - but production has begun and parts ordered so that sucks a bit. But, same story: they had never heard of us, and didn't even know we made licensed Star Trek things.

A bit of digging, and we see more orders where chargebacks were filed but they were protected by Shopify’s Chargeback Protection and we didn’t even get notifications about those. But all of those were also pretty much the same stories.
And here’s where it gets really weird: The shipping addresses do match those of the owners of the hacked accounts, are all correct - some packages are still en route, and some are at nearby UPS stores waiting to be picked up. So no, the scammers who hacked those accounts don’t even have the merchandise.

Here's actually a little excerpt of the chat with Shopify after a call with the first customer mentioned above: "16:59 Agent (Support Advisor): Thank you for waiting we have double checked our resources and also based our Support Shop Department they mentioned to me that they don't have the visibility as to why this particular order got a fraudulent or high risk they can only provide some general information or general insights and suggestions:

16:59 Agent (Support Advisor): * Account security: It is possible that the customer's account may have been compromised or hacked. In such cases, fraudsters gain unauthorized access to the account and place fraudulent orders. It's important for customers to use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication (if available) to enhance the security of their accounts."

PLEASE Shopify, do not tell us fraud can happen and to use your fraud prevention system like you did in another review. We ARE using your fraud prevention and your system doesn't catch it!!

CherryTree Inc
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Shopify ha risposto 1 settembre 2023

Hi, thanks for the detailed review of your experience of using the Shop channel. Dealing with fraudulent orders are never easy, so I can understand your frustration.

For context, our Fraud Analysis feature uses machine learning algorithms to determine an order's risk level. The displayed risk indicators aren't a comprehensive list of points looked at when reviewing an order however, but are instead instead a small subset of this data. I understand it can be frustrating when the system does not catch a high-risk order for your store, though we have a team of engineers and data scientists that are continuously working to improve our algorithms. From this, we're hoping to see a more accurate risk indicator being displayed overtime for orders on a store.

I know it's not what you'd like to hear, and perhaps this has been communicated to you many times already, however our fraud prevention features as listed here:, which includes the Fraud Control app, is the most effective way to provide another layer of protection to your store outside of the Fraud Analysis. The Fraud Control app: in particular allows you to filter and block specific orders using a set of rules you implement, so if you haven't already done so I recommend installing this on your store. -Kimi, Shopify Support

23 novembre 2023

Allowed us to customise the SHOP navigation menu once and now we can't update again. Any edits made to the channel can't deploy as the SAVE button is permanently greyed out. A great concept but doesn't allow for enough control and customisation so never reaches its full potential for us.

Hali Home
11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 28 novembre 2023

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to review Shop. I'd love to assist you with the issue you're experiencing in the app. Is it specifically happening in the theme editor? Are you unable to save the changes you make to the Navigation section ( If so, I suggest performing some local troubleshooting steps, as a local issue may be causing the problem.

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

-Clear the cookies and cache of your browser (
-Try a different web browser, as well as an incognito window or private browsing window ( to rule out any browser issues. If you are still experiencing the error using incognito, confirm you have disabled browser extensions as these can change how the pages look.
-Ensure the web browser ( is up-to-date ( on the latest version.
-Try another device, such as another computer or mobile phone.
-Try another internet connection (switching to a cellular network on a phone rather than wifi, for example).
-Try the Shopify mobile app
-Ensure you do not have any firewalls or pop up blockers enabled on your device as these can interfere.

If the issue persists after performing local troubleshooting, please visit our Help Center ( and chat with the AI assistant to connect with our support team. We would love to investigate this for you! -Summer, Shop Support

12 novembre 2023

TERRIBLE! No way to turn off reviews, so customers get a review request from a review app PLUS a review request from this app. Please let us turn off review requests!

Authors Selling Direct
8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 15 novembre 2023

Hey, thanks for reaching out. I appreciate your feedback and understand why this would be useful for your business to have if you have multiple review systems active. I'd be happy to pass this feedback along to our development team for potential future implementation. - Dirk, Shopify Support

Data modifica: 24 ottobre 2023

Shop pay keeps hijacking the payment options at checkout screen, I can't fix it and I can't find support contact for help.
I don't think most customers would know that they have to sign out as a guest if they are subscribed to my store.

Mindless Shoppers
6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 24 ottobre 2023

Thank you for your review. To change your payment option you can scroll to the bottom and click checkout as guest. -Emily, Shopify Support

16 novembre 2023

Don't recommend this app, 90% of the orders here are fraudulent orders, you will lose money, the customer can file fraudulent dispute at any time. Because this app doesn't have 3d security, a lot of orders are placed without any 3d security and after a few week you will receive a fraudulent dispute which is hard to win. If you want to risk and get a high dispute rate, lose money, and get a lot of orders placed by scammers, then yes, this app is for you.

Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
16 ottobre 2023

We had the app for a long time. But it recently restricted our account and asked us to install a password control or age verification app. We're selling hair care products!!! Why do we need a password control or age verification app to sell products for the hair????

North Authentic
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Shopify ha risposto 21 ottobre 2023

Hi, North Authentic.

Thanks for reaching out!

As you mentioned in your review, your Shop account has been restricted.

As per our Shop Merchant Guidelines (, you cannot use any password control, or age verification apps. Some examples of these apps are: Advanced Registration, B2B Login Access Management, Locksmith, Login to View Price and MagicPass Deal Club and Wholesale. This is a requirement that your store needs to meet in order to appear in Shop. If you have further questions regarding your account, you can connect with our support team via the Shopify Help Center: -Victoria, Shop Support.

4 ottobre 2023

"I've decided to close the shop for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there have been significant delays in depositing funds into my account. Secondly, the requirement to use specific shipping companies doesn't align with my preferred delivery process. I typically calculate the shipping time after confirming details with my trusted and speedy shipping partners, who promptly provide tracking information. Please get in touch with me to resolve the issue of my pending funds. Thank you."

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Shopify ha risposto 6 ottobre 2023

Hey there, we appreicate you writing a review and rating the application. In regards to the issues that you are experiencing, we will need to take a look into the setup of your store to advise further. Since we are unable to verify you as the store owner over an application review, it would be best to navigate to our Help Center to speak with our live support: -Ollie, Shop Support

13 settembre 2023

Very bad app and we didn't get a good support from Shopify. Users cannot login due to server issues and shop owners face with 5xx errors on Google Search console.

Stati Uniti
6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 15 settembre 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It sounds like you are having some issues with your online store, not necessarily the Shop Sales Channel. If you or your customers are having issues signing into their account, please reach out to our authenticated support team to have this reviewed. 5xx errors with your domain could also be caused by incorrect DNS information. Our live chat would be happy to review and assist you with this. Please reach out to our authenticated support team for additional help: -Shay, Shop Support

21 novembre 2023

Can't recommend this Shop App as it hasn't provided any traffic whatsoever - literally none.

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6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app