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6 marzo 2024

We use LockSmith for our B2B customers only. Due to this reason only and only that SHOP is not approved. Really sad.

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24 maggio 2024

The Shopify payments is not available in my region India so i'm unable to use shopify payments.. please do something

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17 gennaio 2024

Its been 2 weeks since I am trying to use the help desk and get a resolution for Shop being deactivated due to Chargeback more than 1%. How are we able to improve the performance if there is not grace period or time. The payments are processed through Shopify and not the third party. At first place shop accepted the payment, we ship it out and then after that due to chargeback the SHOP is deactivated with no notice or grace time. Can someone please assist with it.


Tee Jay Traders
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Shopify ha risposto 20 gennaio 2024

Hi, there! Thank you for sharing your feedback about the Shop eligibility requirements. In order to appear in Shop, your store has to have a chargeback rate of less than 1% over the last six months. You can find more details in this help document ( If you still have questions about your store and the Shop channel, please reach out to us here ( and we'd be happy to assist. - Greta, Shopify Support

29 marzo 2024

customers will write reviews negative prior to receiving orders

Shop Sassy Chick
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Shopify ha risposto 1 aprile 2024

Hey there! Thanks for sharing your concerns. We would love to understand more about the issues you're experiencing with using the Shop app. If you're open to it, please reach out to us here: We'd be happy to take a closer look at this issue to find a resolution! -Mac, Shop Support

16 gennaio 2024

There is no customisation when it comes to customers leaving reviews on the shop app. The email request can't be modified and you can't even see what the email looks like that Shop sends!. You also don't receive notification when a customer writes a review, they just automatically publish it. I use where I customise my emails and make it more personal, this means though customers receive 2 requests. With this SHOP APP you cannot turn off the "Review Collection" button, it's stuck onto "ON" with no facility to toggle it off. I contacted Shopify help and even they can't do it. Too many bad issues with this app and very little opportunity to customise it for your own individual store. I'm going to delete it if I can't toggle off the reviews! Worse than useless and not fit for purpose re reviews.

Imogen's Luxuries
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1 maggio 2024

This company is terrible. My customer came and wanted service paid with a major credit card . Shopify accepted the funds that was transferred and say my funds would be posted to my account 2,600.00 and never was
The transaction was complete from my customer on the other have Shopify completely stole my funds and I'm planning to Sue this company. That's a lot of money to take from a person business when they are a million dollar company.Steal folks hard earn money like that is a Shame. But it's not over I will be getting a Lawyer cause I have all my records

Wilson Auto LLC
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Shopify ha risposto 3 maggio 2024

Hi, there. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact our live support team through the Help Center ( so we can look into this further. Thank you! - Greta, Shopify Support

31 gennaio 2024

I heard that others had issues with spammers emailing the living daylights out of them, and I have that issue, too. This app makes getting new page's details too easy. You have annoying spammers emailing all new shop owners. You should seriously do something about this.

Damond LLC
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11 maggio 2024

me gustaria que remuevan un review falso nosotros si hicimos la orden de uin cliente llamada yiseli y fue deliveered

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20 febbraio 2024

Shopify is making discrimination and threatening our company to disable our website. We are currently in discussion to solve the problem. The details will be given when the discussion ends.
Sully is giving terrible customer service...

Digiturk America
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16 aprile 2024

Setting the store up is too complex and can't easily be set out in an orderly fashion

The Writing Centre
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