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2 giugno 2022

Overall Dropified is a great app and I would not be able to run my business without it. The new API ordering is amazing and incredibly fast when it works right. Hats off to making it happen. It finally does work most of the time too and I'm confident that the long road getting here will have been worth it once all the last bugs are ironed out. I took one star off because the last few months were a struggle with many errors because Aliexpress updates broke many of the functions. The ordering process was a huge pain and very prone to mistakes. Luckily, this should be mostly a thing of the past now, but I wish it hadn't taken the better part of half a year to get here. Also bundle ordering (which was originally the main reason I switched to Dropified from Oberlo about 4 years ago) has never actually worked properly. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this too will be taken care of eventually. Customer service is fast and especially Kevin has been great understanding my concerns and working on solutions. Even with all the issues I have had in the past and some that are still being worked on, I would still recommend this app to anyone with a Dropshipping store. They are on their best way to earn that 5th star back ;-)

Hazel & Bo
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23 luglio 2019

Nous utilisons cette app depuis pratiquement 2 ans. Il persiste quelques améliorations a apporter au niveau de la gestion des stocks. Ils ne sont pas toujours justes et surtout peuvent se mettre à zéro à n'importe quel moment. Nous travaillons avec 1 seul vendeur et avons donc retiré l'option de tracking. Cela a réglé le problème pour nous mais je sais que d'autres shops galèrent pas mal avec ça. A noter, une très nette amélioration du service client ces dernier temps. Réponses et résolutions rapides. C'est vraiment très appréciable :)

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18 febbraio 2021

Although I am fairly new to Shopify and Dropified, so far I really like Dropified. I like this app because it offers more stores I can add products from. For example, I use AliExpress and eBay a lot and Oberlo does not have eBay as an option. That's the only reason I use Dropified. What I do not like is the 8% fee. I did not find this out until after I had a few orders placed. If business owners are paying $17 a month to use Dropified, that should be all we have to pay!!! I will continue to use Dropified for now until I find another app with no fees but have the stores I like to use.

Beaux Home Goods
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26 febbraio 2020

I Would of Definitely given this W.O.N.D.E.R., Service and app a 5/5, but I hope to stir some investment interest, for myself and others as we head deeper into..

What I call, the EQUITY, Generation, 2020;..

Why dont we all hook up and develope together..really, praying for oppurtunities like that on this ONE.

My Verdict, Dropified = Happified.!! Thanks.

Aaron Boateng.

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15 dicembre 2020

Dropified has streamlined so many processes from cloning/adding products, adding suppliers, placing orders, auto tracking & excellent customer service and tutorials. I was exposed to Shopify years ago and now, I cannot imagine Shopify without Dropified. It just makes it that simple.

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10 giugno 2019

It definitely is superior to something like Oberlo. The functionality is far superior. You can order easily from Ali and Ebay, create bundles easliy, even from different suppliers and the photo editing abilities blow anything that Shopify has, replacing any need for having to have something like Photoshop. It does have a high learning curve and price tag, and doesn't handle fulfilling orders from independent suppliers as well as I would like, but it saves a whole lot of time in order fulfillment opposed to doing it the old way. IF you're doing any kind of volume the cost should pay for itself. If you're just starting out, the price might be prohibitive. But once things get rolling for you, Dropified is a clear winner.

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2 agosto 2020

This is very practical and easy to use app. I am a bigginer in all this online store world and definitely it has been a crucial and helpful tool to develop my shopify store. Totally recomend.

BP & G
El Salvador
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20 luglio 2022

Greg in Dropified has helped me a lot and still is and I'm very grateful for his assistance, patience and honesty!

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Data modifica: 18 marzo 2020

It saves me so much time in terms of adding products, editing photos and mapping the variants but the products with many pictures and information mostly don't work, getting always error. Better use for simple products not with many variations.

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12 agosto 2022

I need this app to give more than a couple weeks to try it as to I am not that tech savvy. I hope I will get a chance to what this app does. I want a n app that can supply all my needs including marketing ad for my business. For new business owners you should offer free plans with a little something extra.

Stylez Of Royalty
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