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2 mei 2024

I have been using this app for about 4 months and only recently was there a sudden glitch. I use the app to bundle single items together as an option for a pair as I track the item's single inventory.

At an unknown time, the bundled items were showing "sold out" when the single items quantity was positive.

Over a 48 hour period and with 2 different chat support members, I was able to resolve the issue by manually changing the quantity on the affected bundled items, refreshing, then changing the quantity back to the accurate number. These were the steps given to me through the app development team to resolve the issue.

The first chat support advisor came back to me via email with a solution that wasn't applicable to the problem, so didn't fully understand or thoroughly examine. The second chat support advisor expressed that "because it is a free app" it isn't as stable as paid apps.

I was then explained the difference between paying for the platform vs paying for an app.

I installed this app on the recommendation of yet another Shopify support member several months ago and because it is developed by Shopify, it would be the best option for my needs.

I would like to have more clarity on when these issue might arise - when specifically it happened in my case so I can investigate further and if it is in fact an unstable app not suitable to use at this time. I am writing this review so others can examine before installing and spending the valuable time to set it up.

Stacy Nolan
Verenigde Staten
6 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 11 juni 2024

EDIT: there has been an update where you can add the bundles to an order, thanks! The only thing left is to be able to add them to all sales channels like Google.

I hope Shopify will direct some developer resources to this app to integrate it better with Shopify. Currently, while on the online store customers can order a bundle, there is no way to add a bundle to a custom order created from the admin interface, and neither are other sales channels supported. This is a bit of a disconnect tbh and limits the usability significantly.

Stroop Club NL
Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
7 juni 2024

They need to fix major issues for this to be useable. Currently, if any minuscule detail (pricing, content, images, tags, inventory) of any original item included in a bundle breaks the bundle product listing. The only solution is to delete it completely and re-make it. Which can happen without warning and frequently. Also, it would be nice to be able to track inventory/sales of the bundle.

ARES Tool, MJD Industries, LLC
Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
14 april 2024

Its great, but I'm just struggling with the product titles not showing up by each product size so people cant tell what size is for what's what - when i contacted support they said its a bug but i doubt its still a bug by now.

22 dagen gebruiken de app
10 april 2024

The user experience is simple and intuitive, making it very convenient for merchants who want to bundle products. Unfortunately, the inability to sell products on Facebook, Google, or even through POS channels will significantly impact business.

You can't run popular Facebook dynamic ads or allow customers to purchase during in-person checkout. I sincerely appreciate Shopify for launching this app, but I hope it can be improved further.

Wavebone Studio Furniture
7 dagen gebruiken de app
19 februari 2024

Love this app, but I would love to see the bundles pull through into external sales channels (e.g. Meta + Google). This is a really obvious feature that will help merchants grow revenue and support their marketing efforts (search in Google/remarketing etc). It would be great to see this in the next app release. I don't want to bring on another third-party app that does offer this feature as the Shopify Bundles app is really well built, so hopefully this sales feature is on the horizon!

Opal and Sage
7 maanden gebruiken de app
15 februari 2024

Works good if you don't need the bundles to be linked from google or socials. But my issue is that, as a clothing brand and each style has 6 sizes, I can not create bundles with 3 or more products (only 2) which is why I wanted the app. Looks like I need to go back to the 3rd party app.

Eco Intimates
8 maanden gebruiken de app
24 maart 2024

Its unfortunate that we cannot use existing products and must create a new product. We will await for more updates before continuing.

12 dagen gebruiken de app
28 februari 2024

The app needs improvement to offer a more streamlined and clear bundle experience on the frontend.

Some of my product titles are lengthy. When bundled, in the variant options, the text looks excessively long, and confusing for the user. Ideally, I should choose what text to use inside the variant, example "Choose color" rather than the entire product title, since the bundle itself is already named. Currently, I have to manually rewrite the variant title text using JavaScript injection, which is not the ideal method for modifying the app experience, but it's what I have to work with.

Additionally, the swatch color does not appear in the variant options, which should at least display the color.

Nevertheless, I see a lot of potential in this simple plugin. Hopefully, the team behind it will listen to the community and implement some of these changes sooner rather than later.

Zerodamage Sahara Case LLC
Verenigde Staten
16 dagen gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 4 maart 2024

Thanks for your feedback. We continue to work hard on updating our app's features and capabilities, and we will pass this feedback along to our team.

13 maart 2024

A very nice and easy to use Bundle App. I am however dissapointed, that the bundled product is not shown in the order confirmation mail to our customers. Instead it shows the products that are part of the bundle (rather than the actual bundle). The same shows in your own order backend. Is there not anyway to change this, so that the order confirmation shows the bundled product?
8 dagen gebruiken de app