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13 maart 2024

I like the 10,000 free emails/month, and the cost for over that amount is very reasonable. I would like to be able to choose a font that I want for all of my emails - or to somehow set a preferred font for me. It would be great if the email populated into my Facebook, Twitter, Threads, etc. This is the only thing I miss from Mail Chimp. Love the products insert. Saves me soooo much work. It would be great to be able to edit photos while in the emails. Would also be great if we could insert photos into the gallery using URLs instead of having to save a photo on my laptop and then upload it. You have the feature in the individual products so it should also work here. The list of Campaigns needs to have the date of the sending on it. You have all these little details about sessions, amt of sales, type. But no date of sending. The review feature is quite helpful. Have caught a few misses with that one. It would be great to have a choice of 1-3 images to go with a single block of text. I know you have that number of images but each text is separate. Sometimes I want multiple pics of the same item and just want to say something about it as a whole, not each individual pic.
Thank you for this chance to discuss improvements and features of the email feature.

Wool & Silk Co.
Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
12 april 2024

The shopify email app is easy to use. I love the simplicity of it and it helps me stay in communication with my customers. Everyone always compliments me on how professional my emails are.

However, I wish there were an option for adding videos.

Love Life Naturals
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Ongeveer 3 jaar gebruiken de app
24 april 2024

i think this feature is great! so customizable and u can adjust it to your brand image nicely. really good structured email builder, i love how many options u have to add in images, links to products, specific sales or discounts etc.

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20 april 2024

The application is free it’s true, but it’s been 3 months since my emails are sent without my profile image and with an email address different from mine. I had to find myself why there was this, I was not contacted or warned. It’s free it’s true but pay attention the quality is not always present

Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 22 april 2024

Thank you for your review. We'd be glad to help you take a look at your settings and make sure everything is working as it should. Please connect with our Live Team ( at your earliest convenience. -Olivia, Shopify Support

10 april 2024

Just tested Shopify Email having been a regular Mailchimp user for the last few years. They don't really compare. Shopify email user interface is clunky and the send time (we have 2,500 subscribers) is really slow due to the batch sending. Also... the Reports interface is very very slow to update, it's not giving me statistics in real-time.
Not sure if we are going to keep using it.... I like that the cost is lower than Mailchimp (thank you Shopify) but please, please keep developing this functionality so that it works smoothly, quickly, intelligently. Right now it's not very intuitive and I am not convinced I'm going to stick with it.

Somerset Foodie
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3 mei 2024

For a free app, this is simply wonderful. Has all the basic functions that I actually use, finding your way around initially takes only an hour or two.

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21 april 2024

The email app is good however it needs improving.

You should be able to send customers emails even if they have bounced before.

Need more flashy fonts and some gifs.

Rainbow Card
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Bijna 3 jaar gebruiken de app
9 mei 2024

Its Great , Have been very helpful with its Ready made Templates

Pearl Of Faith Clothing Store Limited
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Ongeveer 3 jaar gebruiken de app
9 mei 2024

good but it should be atleast 50,000 emails per moth free of cost.

Tinnie Tots
Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
25 maart 2024

We use this app for our business. So easy to send thousand of emails at once to all of our customers.

Teamknowfish Tackle
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