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11 december 2020

This tool is easy to use and should be included in the shop subscription. I will use it again to reach my subscribers.

Verenigde Staten
21 dagen gebruiken de app
6 januari 2021

The best and basically it's free to use I think I would just stick to shopify email marketing .....................................

20 dagen gebruiken de app
4 september 2020

I discovered this app two weeks ago, and I am amazed by how easy and simple it is to use!

I have gained more and more subscribers and most importantly many of the potential customers ended up purchasing!

Thank you so much for introducing this app, it made email marketing a lot easier!

Vivo Cosmetics Lebanon
19 dagen gebruiken de app
21 april 2021

Very easy to use!!!! You don´t need to be an expert in code or similar... just a simple user can do it in seconds! Great job and thanks!

Hoyo 7
19 dagen gebruiken de app
13 november 2020

I love the pre-drafted email campaigns. They have given me good ideas and I only have to modify them slightly. I love the email templates with product sections and the ability to add bold eye catching colors in the background. The analytics coming back via reporting is very helpful. I wish it was a little less labour intensive to quickly go in and make a modification to the email body without having to reschedule the campaign again. It is like starting over and is inefficient. There are always tweaks that you think of after you have scheduled the email and it is waiting in the pipeline or I may think of going back in to tweak a deal we are offering etc. so a little more flexibility to do that would be very helpful. Also, it would be extremely helpful to be able to delete a customer group as my groups are getting a bit cluttered and I made some blunders when I first started using these so would be nice to be able to clean them up and also order/sort them. Thanks you for a great app!

The Canadian Birch Company
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Bewerkt 28 maart 2021

I just tried this option, to inform my Customers about % in my shop. Let´s see how -and if- it works

17 dagen gebruiken de app
2 oktober 2020

Super easy to navigate and create campaigns! So glad that Shopify came out with this app! My customers love the look of the emails!

Affordable Styles For You
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15 dagen gebruiken de app
19 februari 2021

I like the fact that you don't have to spend time to write copy and make creatives for the campaign, the templates are there you just have to make changes to them and you are good to go.

GK Publications
15 dagen gebruiken de app
15 april 2023

Amazing app. Saves us alot of money versus using something like mailchimp. Wish there was a way to add emails via HTML only.

Fusion Motorsports USA
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15 dagen gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 18 april 2023

Thank you so much for writing your review and I'm delighted to hear that the Shopify Email app has saved you money. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and I'll be sure to pass it along to our developers. -Mac, Shopify Support

28 september 2020

I used this app to create my newsletters for my Shopify online store and it works great and it's really foolproof since it has instructions for each step. This is really great for beginners, highly recommend.

Qlean by RJ
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