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16 februari 2024

most important missing feature: Translation / showing different form based on country.

Also, country should ideally be set automatically based on country location, the country attribute of the customer.

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21 maart 2024

VERY misleading! I set up a form for people to make customization requests, and yet, I HAVE NO WAY TO ACCESS THE RESPONSES!

Hollow Bag Creations
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 26 maart 2024

Hi! Thank you for your review, and we're sorry to hear about your experience. We'd love to investigate this further, so please don't hesitate to contact us here: so that we can look into this! -Maz, Shopify Support

30 april 2024

The app is great but only if you want the form on ALL pages.... i needed a sign up form for different events, on different pages, and if you add the form its automatically added to every page on your site and after 5+ hours of trying to get around that, and 2 hours with shopify support, I was told to choose another app and that it's impossible to do what I'm looking for. As I do events and I need specific forms for each different event, I'll try another app as I don't want the sign up form on all the pages. note: this app also only allows you to use ONE form at a time. Wasnt what I needed.

Fuzzyclouds Studio
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 3 mei 2024

Hey there! I'd love to help you with this. If you are using a newer 2.0 theme then you can embed the form you wish on specific page templates using the inline form option. You can learn more about this option here: Create unique templates for each page/collection you need and embed the desired form. If you are using an older theme type, then this option won't be available at this time. You would need to manually embed a form, or using a different form app. Definitely connect with our support team for more details on using page templates! -Shay, Shopify Support

7 april 2024

The form builder is ok, but the documentation is terrible, and there is no support from Shopify. We wanted to do a very standard and simple form in a section of a custom landing page. This is not possible. The form app is still using json templates and not liquid so its not possible to embed into template using code

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 10 april 2024

Thank you for your review and feedback. I will be sure to relay this to our developers. -Emily, Shopify Support

20 maart 2024

You can't create a redirect to a thank you page. Incredible. This is a basic feature any form app should have. Not using it for now.

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 22 maart 2024

Thank you for your review. I will make sure to provide this feedback to our team. I did find a community forum post on this you can look at here: ( -Emily, Shopify Support

15 februari 2024

Very useful app, intuitive and particularly fast when navigating.
The only suggestion I would make would be for the shop manager to be able to add his or her own customised font from the selectable ones.

MotoPort Shop
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16 april 2024

I cannot access any responses from the forms being filled out - no way of contacting support.

Alina Collective
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 18 april 2024

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing some trouble with the Shopify Forms. To connect with our live support, you can head over to our Help Center ( and type 'Contact Support' into the AI chat box. This will prompt you to log into your shop, so we can investigate further to ensure this gets resolved. - Blair, Shopify Support

19 januari 2024

Could you create a function where the popup stops being shown for a while if the customer clicks on "X" to close the popup without signing up? Because it continues to open even if I click close, when I load the page again, the popup appears. This is boring.

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 22 januari 2024

Hi there! Thank you for providing your feedback. We appreciate your input. Currently, you have the ability to customize the behavior of the pop-up. For example, if you wish to limit the number of times a customer sees it, you can set it to appear only on specific page types. Additionally, you can choose to delay the trigger for the first, second, or third page view. Furthermore, you have the option to set a timer for when you want the pop-up to be displayed. -Mac, Shopify Support

31 januari 2024

Very good app, but you must change double click to open/close form.

Zerince Kuyumculuk
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Bewerkt 22 januari 2024

The application is easy to install but it pops up automatically to all customers, even if they are already registered. It doesn't make much sense to use it for subscription pop-ups because it appears constantly even if you have registered.

Hello again! I told the technical service and they said that it was not possible to solve the problem. Even if the customer had subscribed and closed the form, the pop up still appeared in the following searches.

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 19 januari 2024

Thank you for your feedback! Depending on how the customer closes the form the Forms app stores completed submissions in "dismissed-after-submit" local storage in the customer's browser without any expiration date. This means that a customer will not see the form again on the browser they submitted their submission on. If a customer clears their browser cache, they would then see the form once again.

If you believe this is not the case and are seeing different behavior, please reach out to us through our Help Center: We're happy to investigate this further with you. -Shay, Shopify Support