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14 september 2023

App keeps losing custom fields, which I have to keep re-adding when I notice customer data is missing. Not reliable enough for custom forms, other than default name & email, which is already built into the platform.

ABC Fabric
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 4 oktober 2023

We really appreciate your feedback and I’m really sorry to hear that you encountered this issue while adding custom fields to your form. We identified and resolved a bug that was the culprit which only occurred in very isolated scenarios. Unfortunately it looks like you were impacted, but this should no longer be an issue going forward.

With that said, I can appreciate that these types of bugs affect your confidence in using the app, but we’re committed to ensuring Shopify Forms meets the needs of our merchants and hope to earn your trust back.

If you have any questions or additional feedback that you would be open to sharing about your experience, I’d love to connect directly. I’ll reach out via email.

Taha, Shopify Marketing Tools PM

17 oktober 2023

I cannot translate the Pop-up. Is there any way to do it?

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 3 november 2023

Hi Kiisbeauty, thank you so much for your review! While we don't have translation options just yet, I will be sure to pass that over to our developers for additional consideration. -Shay, Shopify Support

3 augustus 2023

For us it is almost close to perfect. I works perfectly fine and we get tons of new newsletter subscribers. There is only 1 critical thing that is missing. You can use the pop-up to get new newsletter subscribers. But when you have an internationalized website Shopify already knows in which market the customer is shopping because of Geolocation. It would be perfect if it could give the language in the customer account while the customer subscribes to the newsletter. Because then I can also send them newsletters in their language. It is possible to create a extra input field. But we al know, the more input fields the lower the conversion.

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1 oktober 2023

I cannot received emails once the customer sent in a submission .

Black Pawn Game
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 3 november 2023

Hi, there! Thanks for your review. After a customer accepts marketing from your online store, their email address or phone number is displayed on the Customers page in your Shopify admin. You can also find these customers by opening the app in your admin, selecting one of the created forms, and click "View segment" in the top right corner. You can find more details in this help document: Thanks again! - Greta, Shopify Support

3 december 2023

The way it integrates with Shopify is excellent; however, I would love to design the form and add steps within the modal before the form shows. The completion rate is usually better if you ask the visitor a question first, and once they engage by clicking a button to agree they want..., only then present the form. I would also love to be able to design how the form looks and feels. Maybe add a custom CSS and provide id/classes as a beta.

Overstock Sheets
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 4 december 2023

Hi, There. Thank you for taking the time to leave your review. With the Shopify Forms app you can customize it to fit your needs, check out this help doc with more information: If there is something specific you'd like included that you're not seeing any information on, please view our Shopify Help Center: You can also contact our support team through the help center if you need more assistance. -Kitana, Shopify Support

31 augustus 2023

Please add URL redirects after form submissions! And provide more options to embed the form and add/delete the landing page.

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6 augustus 2023

There is no way to get an email with whatever the visitor entered. In order to check whether someone used a form to ask for support or requested contact I have to go into the forms' app back-end every day and check for new submissions. Please add a simple "email summary" option.
As a minor improvement, it would be nice to be able to change the font size of the labels.
Other than that, it works well!

Dutch & Dutch
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10 september 2023

I'd give 5 stars if it would send me an email with customer-submitted info. Now you have to check manually the forms app. Might need to change to another app just because of that.
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26 juli 2023

Bitte liebes Shopify Team: Arbeitet endlich an Features und Fixes... Es kann nicht sein, dass die Form 100 Mal aufpoppt (exit intent), wenn der Kunde es schon geschlossen hat!

Barista Royal GmbH
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12 april 2023

Yeah, it's a good start, but I'd also welcome multilang support as well as more granular control over the form's behavior. It would be great if the popup/teaser (whatever you've configured) wouldn't pop up for the rest of a session anymore after clicking the X button - so at least session persistence for visitors' wish to close it and not be bugged again.
Other than that, it does what it's supposed to do, but some more tuning would be great.

GeschenkBaum - Shop
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