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Data modifica: 27 giugno 2024

UPDATE: Based on my review, Shopify reached out and they helped ensure my old template imported correctly. When it wasn't, someone fixed the issue quickly. I appreciate Shopify and the team behind this template working to ensure I was satisfied. Thanks much!

I see no advantage in this template. In fact, I see it as one big hassle. It's designed for business to business and not a direct sale to consumers. What you see on the preview is different from how it actually prints (even when you haven't made any changes to the template). For example, the $ signs don't actually line up on the page. That's just sloppy work. It's clear that when this was launched it was not actually tested with a "real" invoice. I find this incredibly frustrating as I now have to figure out how to fix this and it's a total waste of my time. The address and store name pull from your legal store info when most sellers don't use this on receipts. How about Shopify fix these issues and test the template BEFORE actually launching this? Supposedly it's "Easy to Set Up." Hardly.

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Shopify ha risposto 28 maggio 2024

Hey, there! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate your honest feedback! Reviews like yours help us improve our app. We would love to hear more so we can pass your comments along to our app development team for consideration. If you're open to it, please create a support ticket by visiting our Help Center. We're looking forward to hearing from you! -Summer, Shopify Support

2 luglio 2024

over the years Shopify has made some changes that have not been helpful for us. This change takes time to get use to but right off the top the change has been helpful in terms of toner usage. The new format takes less toner to print as the bold lines used on the old format are gone. I do like the new format and like that the "packing slip" is labeled as such.

Wooden Spool Designs
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Data modifica: 12 giugno 2024

Im working with support now as I agree with most of these reviews. There are issues with this new app. In my opinion, the "legacy" app had a much cleaner look and should continue to be supported. I sent 12-13 orders to the printer yesterday and all did not populate. This was after spending 6 hours with the help of chat gpt to get the code right to have the finished form look like our original form that all in our shop and customer base are used to looking at. The legacy app is good until August 2024 so don't be in a hurry to update any time soon.

Update: All the bugs look to be worked out. Without the help of Chat GPT, it would have been difficult to customize the template. All is well now and using it daily

Bass Farms, LLC
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Shopify ha risposto 29 maggio 2024

Thanks for your review! I appreciate how much time it has taken you to customize your template, and I'm glad to hear that you're already working with our Support team on this. We can certainly share your feedback with our developers for consideration in future updates. -Sophia, Shopify Support

12 giugno 2024

Re-creating our invoice and packing list templates in the new app took about half an hour. It required reference to the documentation but was not hard. The new app is functionally very similar to the old, and I don't really understand the reason for its existence, but changing was not as big a problem as I had been led to believe by all the negative reviews.

One minor gripe is that when you print to PDF from a browser, the saved file takes its name from the title of the page. This used to contain the order number, which was convenient. Now it does not, which is inconvenient.

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7 giugno 2024

We have been fairly happy with the new Order Printer. Customizing the template worked out for us. A couple of things we would like to see, however. 1) A unit price (or price each) and then a total price for each line item ordered. 2) On local pickup orders, have the Packing Slip show the name, address, phone, etc. of the purchasing customer.

Pacific Fly Fishers
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18 giugno 2024

I jumped into this from the old version, and had to remake some things as the language had changed some.
But after some tweaking I made a better adress printout than before.

It could be nice with a tool to help you make a good looking printout, but this is very flexible, and weighing in that its free i think its ok!

Much better than writing name and adress manually as before.

So all and all i think its fine anyways!

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9 giugno 2024

I was unsettled by the many bad recessions. But I didn't let that stop me from trying. After 10 minutes it was done and everything runs as smooth as it did before. I found it easy to migrate my templates. But I am very interested in programming and so I am able to read, understand and edit html or other codes. So I agree - a user without any programming background may find this very difficult and will need further instructions or help.
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18 giugno 2024

Early on this app was a mess, but now it looks like most if not all of the issues have been cleared up. Using it daily just like the legacy app with no more issues.

LIV Natural Products
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11 giugno 2024

Works fine for me and Shopify remembers what options I chose.

It's all good.

Mr Mudguard
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27 maggio 2024

The ability to change the output with HTML or Liquid is excellent. No other e-commerce service offers this level of freedom. Invoices could be created in a specified format.

Only one feature was reduced. That is that when you output a file as a PDF, it is output with the same file name. In the old 'order print' the order number was included in the file name, so there was no risk of overwriting the file.

Thanks to the development team for a great programme.
Please keep improving it.

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