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28 giugno 2024

My experience with Shopify has been excellent. I just used the packing slip instead of a custom order page. Then after about a month of using that my custom template showed up as a selection. Thank you!! I highly recommend Shopify, the customer service is excellent and when something doesn't work, it gets fixed by the tech people. I appreciate this company after building my own shop, using BigCommerce, Prestashop (until they became proprietary) and another app. Shopify is by far, the best I've used. Have been with them for years.

Compact Camping Concepts
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Data modifica: 25 giugno 2024

*editing the review to reflect the final outcome and thoughts! Original review below updated*

To anyone reading this who hasn't installed the app, please take the negative reviews lightly! Many of us came and reviewed right when the switch happened with a lot of frustration! The templates from the legacy app (no shade at all to the team who had it, the templates were lovely and I am sure they did the best they could with the tools they had at the time!) are very code-heavy, and a lot of that code is no longer needed in the new app. If you do not have a pre-existing template, this app will be great for you!

To those reading this who are frustrated by the issues, bugs, etc involved with the switch, please trust me when I say I was in your shoes! But please trust me when I say that this switch is better in the long run, and the team at Shopify will help you! They helped me, and Mike P. was able to get my templates working again.

After getting support from the team at Shopify, I have completely changed my mind about this app. The transition was difficult, but after talking with the team and seeing the fix they did to get my template to work, it really just came down to the amount of code that is no longer needed that caused the issue!

From what I can see, this version of the printer app operates on a more efficient level of coding. To the point that I feel confident with my minimal level of liquid that I could go in and update the templates (if not make my own!) On the previous app, the code was very complicated and hard to look through, but they have truly made it a lot easier!

I feel that as long as people are willing to work with the team at Shopify to get their templates moved over, the new app will be a great option moving forward!


At the moment if I could rate 0 I would. I will give 1 star to the friendly Shopify agents who are probably getting bombarded by requests from this.

This app is not user-friendly. At all. It has less functionality, if you don't know code at all, good luck. Even if you just copy the entirety of the code on your old template and paste it in, it doesn't work. When you do reach out for help, you are asked to look for lines in the code yourself which, thankfully I have a little knowledge in, but I can't imagine having to try and do that when you don't know code. I was also told I may need to get a Shopify Expert to look into the code, to which I said no. I am not going to pay someone to help me fix something that isn't broken so I can migrate to an app you are forcing us to move to.

Shopify is a great platform, and I am hoping they will make some SERIOUS improvements to this Order Printer soon because as of right now I stand with all the other 1 star reviews.

Valley Direct Foods
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Shopify ha risposto 2 giugno 2024

Thank you for taking the time to share your review and genuine feedback. -Olivia, Shopify Support

Data modifica: 13 giugno 2024

UPDATE: Vast improvement with the new IMPORT feature that Shopify has just added. I imported my legacy templates into the Shopify Order Printer and they work perfectly and once again they look beautiful. Thank you for listening, Shopify, and for creating an easy way for shopowners who do not code or mess with liquid to easily recreate their order forms from a legacy app into your app. From a 1 star review to a 5 star review.

INITIAL REVIEW: Horrible, frankly. Confusing, not intuitive - you need html knowledge to customize and edit the code. I copied and pasted the code from my legacy app and even with that there are myriad changes that have to be made to add order number. correct date, add shipping. This new app is frustrating and sloppy. Absolutely no way to easily edit this code without vast html experience.

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Shopify ha risposto 3 giugno 2024


Thank you for reaching out and sharing your review.

We appreciate your input, and I want to assure you that your comments are valuable to us. We will share your feedback with our product development team for review.

That being said, if you require assistance with the app you can get in touch with our authenticated Support via the Shopify Help Center: -Victoria, Shopify Support.

27 giugno 2024

Good to see the developers at shopify listened to how bad the first release of this app was. Recently, last week I think it was, there was a new import from templates put in place and I have to say, it is now exactly how all my old custom templates were and works how it should. I am happy with this new implemented import that they have done.

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Data modifica: 14 giugno 2024

UPDATE: Fabulous news, the new fucntionality allowing us to import templates from the old ( legacy) order printer app is BRILIANT! Thank you!! You listened. It works perfectly. 5 STAR!

Why oh why can't we have a tempate builder? Why do we need to be coders? I used the originl Order Pinter app for years and it was purchased templates from its sister app and had the WYSIWYG functionality to help you to adapt it. Perfect. Now, I am not able to modfiy your new layouts to fit my label paper, for instance..I use S3 integrated label paper to create picking lists and to add shipping-to labels onto the order! Like almost everyone who runs a small business, I imagine? So I have bought another app...VERY unhappy, Shopify. Your TWo designs - packing and invoice - are rubbish and dont work for me...why can't i use the code from the old app? Why does your system reject it? NOT HAPPY

Green Pebble
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Shopify ha risposto 2 giugno 2024

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, we truly appreciate it. As I can completely understand the impact of this change, I've gone ahead and shared your feedback with our developers. - Blair, Shopify Support

7 giugno 2024

This update is a significant improvement for us! We now have the ability to include more detailed information in our invoices and packing lists, thanks to the use of metafields, customer notes, and a wide range of variables and styles. While the new requirement for object names in variable names was unexpected, it ultimately allowed us to enhance our documents exactly how we wanted. It would have been convenient to automatically transfer the old Order Printer Templates, but we understand it’s a complex task.

Overall, great job on this much-needed upgrade!

Privé Perfumes
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Data modifica: 16 giugno 2024

Updated: Changed from 1 back to 5 stars. Thank you for taking the time to ensure templates were completely compatible with new version. They look and work perfectly without me having to do any additional coding. Happy to hear that Shopify (unlike some other platforms) takes the time to listen to their customers and work out the kinks. Very happy.

Custom Gifts By Avery
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Shopify ha risposto 31 maggio 2024

Hey, there! I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy about the new Order Printer app. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us determine what updates and changes to implement from here. Please rest assured your comments will be shared with our development team. Thanks for your patience as we continue to work on this new app and tailor it to our merchants' needs! -Summer, Shopify Support

13 giugno 2024

The new Shopify Order Printer app is a significant improvement over the previous version. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify, providing a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Importing templates from the legacy app is straightforward and seamless. The app is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor print templates to your store's specific needs.

Its speed and stability are impressive, ensuring quick prints without technical issues. In summary, the new Shopify Order Printer is simple, fast, stable, and highly customizable, making it ideal for any Shopify store.

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16 giugno 2024

I have been using it with custom templates and works flawlessly everytime, thanks

Banjaaran Studio
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Data modifica: 6 giugno 2024

new migration built in to order printer app worked easily and flawlessl.
great job!

Pro Time Lawn Seed
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