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5. december 2020

We love how easy it is to use and find products with the search capability. As the store owner, I like the ability to see the daily sales analytics.

DZN Home
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3. december 2020

We’ve been with Shopify for several years now for our website & POS. Prior to Shopify we used 2 very popular and highly noted POS platforms both with pros & cons & both costing more than Shopify’s upgraded version. We switched our 13 yr old Brick & Mortar over to Shopify’s POS platform approx. 4yrs ago and have been relatively pleased with our decision. In our experience, anytime a new upgrade is rolled out with any platform there has always been growing pains and it never seems to be at the right time. What I do know is that in our 4 yrs of using Shopify’s POS many of the upgrades they have implemented is a direct result of listening to the customer. Can they do more, absolutely. Let us all remind ourselves with this pandemic how we’ve had to change direction in the blink of an eye including Shopify. Trying to keep up with an influx of demand can be daunting even for the big guys.

Tadpoles and Tiddlers
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20. oktober 2021

I decided to use Shopify for POS and it has been a great way to link my website and in-person sales. Shopify integrates with all of my accounting and marketing tools! Great job!

Scent and Psyche
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Redigeret 14. december 2020

POS is a simple way of using a shop till. It syncs brilliantly with your E-Store and is pretty seamless. I think over time it will improve, such as more sophisticated options with customers purchases such as accounts, credit limits etc. Also be careful of discounts, we found it was easy to make mistakes and charge the customer wrong amounts. We've overcome that now.

Lewis Yates
7 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 4. december 2020

The POS app is much better than some I've tried and works well with my eCom site that is also run by Shopify. Customer service is excellent. There are still some improvements to be made before I'm able to award 5*, especially as it is a fairly expensive system it feel it should be a little more seamless and a few things need to be ironed out, such as exchanges and refunds, but overall I do believe Shopify to be the best omni-channel option available on the market.

Suki's Wardrobe
7 måneder bruger appen
24. februar 2018

I am new to Shopify recently opening my store. I loved that I could take credit card payments locally and got the free e-reader in. It is very easy to use and I have not had any trouble getting payments through. I had set up the payments to go to a savings account and one made it there. Then, there I received a notification that there was a problem so moved it to a personal checking account which worked. Looks like I will need to open a business checking account which I had not planned to do for awhile. If that snafu hadn't happened, I would rate it a 5 star. So far, so good.

April B Collection
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13. september 2016

Love this app! I found it extremely helpful when working with wholesale accounts at the many trade shows that I participate in.

Luca Chiara
Mere end 4 år bruger appen
16. december 2020

The point of sale app is very useful for seeing what orders have been made and for viewing analytics about the sales on that particular day such as the top products by net sales and the net payments by type. The point of sale also offers to set up custom payment methods such as a different credit card reader and gift vouchers for example which is very useful.
The app is very convenient as it can be used on the ipad/till in store and can be downloaded on phones too which allows us to see how the store is doing from our mobile devices if we are not in the store.
The only issue with the app is sometimes if we add new products to Shopify it does not sync properly and some products do not show up on the point of sale or some variants don't come up such as certain sizes could be missing, even though they are perfect and correct in Shopify and on our website. The only solution we found to this issue was to delete and uninstall the app and reinstall it and it seemed to have fixed it.
Overall I would recommend the point of sale app, it takes a bit of time to get used to as it is quite different from a regular till and might take a bit of technology knowledge to get used to it, but once you get used to it and give it some time it is very handy to use and handy to keep track of everything happening in your shop. You can also see the orders that have been made online and in store and can filter through them which is another great feature.

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15. oktober 2015

I love Shopify and POS is a pretty useful app when setting up vendors for our company, but I still wished they would create the same app which was compatible for laptops/desktops. I would much rather use a laptop to search, type, or add products along with card readers, receipts, etc from a laptop rather my iPad I currently use. Shopify, if you read this. . Please find a way to integrate a laptop POS app.

Spear Fitness
Mere end 4 år bruger appen
3. april 2019

Shopify is great!!!!! But.... We really need at least 1 Intergrated payment system in Australia for this to become a real POS system. eg Afterpay // Tyro... actually any payment system. I really do like the regular updates and new features added constantly. Shopify POS has added many great features over the last 12 months. I don't think I will be able to last much longer even though I love Shopify. I have already started to setup my POS with other POS systems to test who can offer the above features. (better inventory management, Intergrated payments.)

Prae Store
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