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27. november 2013

*This app had an update which fixed several of my major issues with it, so I've revived this review*

This is a solid and much needed addition to the Shopify platform. Its very usable, it requires almost no training to figure it out, is easily integrated into the store. I think the layout could have a few tweaks to make it more seamless (refreshing the selected collection when you start a new order and perhaps making it easier to select collections for example) but overall its pretty fast to use, and wont cause much of a headache.

There are a few reasons why I haven't given this a higher rating, firstly is that its expensive. We already pay a premium price for backend hosting of our store, really this is a $49 a month fee simply to process offline transactions. Really its a premium price for a basic product.

The app has some limitations, reports on the app are non existent, other than a sales tally. That means you have no way of knowing how many of a particular product has been sold, how much you've made each hour, how much from different collections you've sold. Theres a lot of useful information that you should have access to on the fly, but you don't unless you use the computer interface.

The use of printers/ scanners and till drawers is limited to only very specific models. This no doubt makes the installation of the physical POS assets easy and very reliable, however unless you live in North America the receipt printers and till drawers aren't really readily available, so you have to buy a more expensive version off eBay, which is disappointing. Even the inclusion of AirPrint would be very welcome.

The ability to see product descriptions in the app would also be useful, often if you sell a large amount of products, someone might have a questions which you cant readily answer, but having that information available to you would be very useful.

Ultimately its very useful. It is a real timesaver when it comes to updating quantities manually which is really its most redeeming feature. I don't think its quite equal to the $600 a year price you have to pay, its not really a complete system yet, but I suspect it might be after a few big updates.

Helios Junks
11 måneder bruger appen
21. januar 2020

I would like to see some customization of receipts. Customers are so confused because the receipt shows each item with tax included in the price. We would rather show the taxes as a line item at the bottom like 99% of every other store out there ;)

Lashes By Design
8 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 24. juni 2017

The app works ok on Android. It is a little bit behind the IOS app. Android is a far superior platform and the apps should have the same funtionality. The Android app is missing grid view for products. There is only a list view which is not very screen efficient. The Android app also doesn't support any of the retail package features. Please fix this as quick as possible. I would like to see a PC version of this app too. That would help when at a trade or craft show. A seller could do everything from a laptop ie take payments, print receipts from full size printer. Right now the only thing I could see is take the order from Android POS app, and print the receipt from the laptop. Seems clunky.

6 måneder bruger appen
13. december 2020

***Helpful to a point. But will take YOUR tech-savviness to be successful***
The App is helpful as it means I only have 1 inventory between my online and in-store shoppers. I also like how mobile it is, and how quick it is to checkout. My 2-star deduction is because sometimes it takes a minute or two for things to sync between the Shopify admin and POS. Something might scan and be found through search in the admin interface but when attempting to scan or search through the POS, it won't find it. This has forced us to use the Custom Sale option but means we have to backtrack and fix quantities later-- so it's like i have two inventories again. The support is fine- they are always available but sometimes we get lost in translation and they often have scripted responses that are frustrating, as it feels they're not really hearing me and my needs, but trying to get 5 Star survey results. I was sifted through several "launch specialists" when I was converting systems and it was tough to feel helped as I had to reexplain and reintroduce my progress to several people. Eventually, I just stopped asking as they seemed too busy or uninvested. I would call instead of email as email tickets can take several days or they don't answer at all. Other updates I'd like to see: Making a specific collection "non-discountable" as we offer a "member" discount for people every day, but some items' profit margins are too narrow to apply an additional discount. So my staff needs to outsmart the system. Secondly, a connection to Blackbaud would be awesome as I could load or view my members through there. Finally, as a non-profit Museum, this has been an inexpensive way to stay in modern times but our store has a lot of products (5000+) available that it seems Shopify struggles to update or keep track of seamlessly.

sbnature Store
6 måneder bruger appen
19. november 2018

I use this for my POS in my retail store. It works well on everything accept discounts. It will not apply automatic discounts in the POS. I hate this because I know all the programming is there, as it does it in the online store. Why not the POS???

Lincoln City Gifts
5 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 11. juli 2021

The POS has really come a long way! Super easy to make sales, split payments, exchange, etc. However - the end-of-day process is woeful! Small businesses need some flexibility to just print an X report (totals for the day - doesn't reset) and a Z Report (Resets the totals) There needs to be some configuration to allow stores to pick and choose if they want the whole cash up/till drawer balancing option. Anyways - I'm sure it'll come good in the end. Here to help if you need more feedback or detail on the cash-up process.

Phases Men's Fashion
Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
3. september 2013

This app has a lot of potential. But if Shopify truly wants to go global, then you need to allow any payment gateway of the customer's choice to be used. I understand that Shopify wants to get into the transaction fees of the CC processing, but hey you are already getting another $49 a month per store location for this app! Besides, Shopify payments are not available typically outside the USA/Canada. This app has great shopping cart views making it perfect for customer interaction as well. In fact, in future updates I might suggest a locked customer view which would turn an iPad into a mobile kiosk where customers could search for product deals on sale and other combined discounts that might be running in the shopify store.

10. september 2013

It seems great and may work for my mobile sales. The issue I have is that Stripe takes a week to deposit funds into the account. I would of like to see Square used as they deposit funds within 24 hrs or on the next business day. For a small business that is mobile a week is just too long to get paid.

Michell Elaine
14. december 2023

Miranda's Bella Boutique
9 måneder bruger appen
16. oktober 2023

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