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Data modifica: 2 novembre 2020

I am disappointed I will now have to pay for features I do not use just to keep the few I do use. Here is a feature I need that is currently not available on PRO but should be.
I cannot partially fulfill an order for in-store pick up. I can if the items are being shipped, but not if the customer is local. If a customer pre orders a holiday item plus adds in stock items to their cart, I cannot fill only the in-stock items and leave the holiday item as partially filled like you can when an item ships.
I am sad Shopify is making the change during our busy season. Please wait until February when retail is slower. I really cannot absorb the additional fees this year. Your timing could be better.
Updated 11/1/20: The new POS Lite is too limitting but POS pro is too much for my little shop. I occasionally need to exchange an item for a customer, ship to customers who are in quarantine, and use Stocky. I do not need the other features and do want to pay for them. Now I need to look at dropping the apps I use to make up for the difference. Do you have a free label making app? I love Lucky Orange, but they may get bumped. Your timing is horrible. Now I need to look around for another POS.

The Yarn Club, Inc
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5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
4 agosto 2021

I used this at a pop up show last weekend and it was utter trash! I didn’t have good solid data connection so it wouldn’t accept card payments. I lost so many sales because their offline mode doesn’t accept cards. What the heck, I’m going back to square!

Handcrafted By B
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
18 gennaio 2023

PSA: When you enter in an address to collect sales tax, they do not have the correct tax rate system. I entered my correct address, which on the government website has a 3.5% local sales tax rate, but because Shopify POS is super behind, they use a "Basic System" to determine the tax rate, which is 4% lower than it should have been, leaving ME to pay the remaining taxes out of pocket. I am not sure how this app is even legal if they cant even provide the correct tax rate!

Shop Fitted Boutique
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 23 gennaio 2023

Hello Shop Fitted Boutique, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We truly appreciate your feedback as we further develop the POS app to be used by more merchants and meet the demands of the evolving retail world.
As for the issue you mentioned, the POS app applies taxes based on the store location that you assign to your POS device, you can also read more in [Setting up tax rates for Shopify POS](,if your location is set up I would suggest reaching out to our Retail support so the team could investigate this for you. The team is here 24/7 to help.

Data modifica: 12 marzo 2017

We are having a problem with the scanner,IT DOES NOT WORK.I feel I'm getting the ''runaround''.We purchased all the equipment 2weeks ago and still cannot barcode anything.We called on Fri,Sat,and Sun and got nobody.The scanner came with no instructions so we went online to learn how to set up.It took 2 days to get a response,ok sat. and sun. I thought they had 24-7 help.seems to be 9to5. mon. thru fri. The box it came in seemed to be opened before.We have a lot of product on the online store and we have to manually remove items if we sell out of our store front,I hope we don't sell something we don't have.I find it odd they don't call,we have to do everything via email which takes a lot longer.My advise buy the CHS 7Ci on eBay and save $70.00,at least you can return it with no questions asked and ''you get the stand with it''.So we wait for another email:( This process took 5 days and they finally said the scanner is bad.What took 5 days to do via email would have taken 5 minutes buy phone. Now we wait to be approved by the "hardware dept"for a new one,we are now 9 days without a scanner,waiting for another email :( So we were told to buy another scanner before they even credit my account.This all started on 3/3/17,it is now 3/12/17,we went to eBay and bought a used one.I will update this as I go.Still waiting for credit on the bad scanner,and a SHIPPING LABEL!!!!!!!!!! Do not use this company.

Airport General Store
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
31 ottobre 2020

I used PRO during the trial for the first few months, switched to classic which was simple and did everything I needed it to do. Now the lite feature is useless as I can't create just POS accounts without paying for their service. Don't need to fulfill or create orders or anything special, just checkout customers and have inventory and revenue show up in our Shopify system. Basically now to make it usable you need to pay the monthly fee, per each location, to use it as a register. The old was better because you could pull up a collection of products and add from it. In this upgrade version each time you open a collection and add an item, you get taken back to the main screen, so you have to keep opening and adding it. If people want new features and want to pay for them, that is fine for both parties. However taking away POS only accounts, custom receipts, and other options previously available and putting them behind a paywall is not innovative or helpful in anyway.

Be Easy Brewing
4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
10 marzo 2021

The latest version of the App is absolute trash. Our staff hate it...completely confusing and time consuming when you have a customer waiting. Bring back the old version!

Construction Products
Nuova Zelanda
4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 17 ottobre 2020

I'm disappointed we're having to switch over to a paid POS system just to retain the existing functionality offered with the previous App. It wouldn't be so bad if we were getting more value out of it but, none of the features they've introduced are particularly useful in a retail setting. I would happily trade in the ability to customize my home screen for the ability to process refunds in a practical manner. I hesitate to say but, it even appears that we will be losing value from the time it's going to take to parse out all of the nuanced differences and retrain my staff. Navigation in general is not intuitive for users of the previous app. The verbiage has for the most part completely changed and is not in-line with the standards set by other POS systems. The cashout is confusing. All in all, it seems like a product designed by software engineers for software engineers and not retail salespeople. If you are in a situation where you do not need to rely on the Shopify POS for inventory management I would not recommend it. As of 10/17/2020 - Back with more observations... The product search is indexed is completely differently from the previous POS and the shopify online store App. For example: Searching for a popular product we sell called "Delice" now pulls up search results for every single item on our online store with the word "delicate" in the description. For most use cases this sort of thing is probably pretty edge but we have hundreds of SKUs and delicate is a pretty common adjective in the wine/fine food industry. There is also a relatively significant delay in applying tax to the total cost of sales which is leading to a lot of cash out errors during peak periods. Also note none of your configuration from the previous version of the app (such as payment method settings) will carry over. Between the new monthly cost and the time I'm spending retraining/figuring out how to make this version of the POS function at the same level of efficiency as the previous one I'm definitely losing money. Downgrading my review to 1 star. Will be switching as soon as I figure out how to manage my inventory without it.

Good Cheese
3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
1 maggio 2023

Really not designed well, can't use Laptop/PC (which runs Shopify!), scanning items takes too long, with too many 'select' steps, just want to barcode scan and move quickly to get customers through in-store checkout process.

Buggy connectivity to Wisepad3 card reader. Merchant fees are higher than using a standalone EFTPOS machine (even after Shopify surcharge).

Only reason still have this app is it is a stitch-up for some Stocky app functionality :(

The Combat Company
3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 16 maggio 2023

Hello The Combat Company, thank you for leaving your feedback. We appreciate your feedback about having our POS work on a computer. At the moment, our system can only be used on a device and cannot support working on a computer and I am happy to send this as a feedback for our developers.

As for the Wisepad 3 reader, if you are having issues with the connection make sure that the card reader is at least 50% charged and the POS is up to date, which is 8.9.0. Please reach out to our Retail Support by sending your POS logs. We are here 24/7 to help.

16 maggio 2023

You get to pay an extra $92 for the admin panel that includes an overpriced website hosting you just might never ever need. Then it uses only very few options of printers which are really scare in locations and outside US and Europe and unnecessarily expensive. An Epson printer costs about $287(excluding shipping fees).

Overall, the coating isn’t friendly or logical at all. Had to drop it. Will not recommend.

Seinde Signature
3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 16 maggio 2023

Hello Seinde Signature, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I'll let our team know about your review .They look into feedback from merchants and take it into consideration for use on our platform. I'm sure other merchants such as yourself have had similar needs, so we may see this feature implemented on Shopify in the future!

17 maggio 2022

Ich habe diese Point of SALE Shopify App in Zusammenhang mit Plentymarkets benutzt nun habe ich ein Riesen Problem dass wir nämlich keine Artikel bestellt und Aufträge in das Plentymarkets ERP System geschrieben. Ich hoffe es gibt bald eine Lösung. Somit ist die Kasse für uns leider unbrauchbar. Schade

3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 17 febbraio 2023

Hallo Styleplanet, vielen Dank, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, Ihr Feedback zu hinterlassen. Ich habe den Google-Übersetzer verwendet, um auf Ihre Bewertung zu antworten. Was das Problem betrifft, das Sie hatten, ich hoffe, Sie konnten es lösen. Das Problem scheint mit einer Drittanbieter-App zusammenzuhängen, die Sie mit der POS-App verwenden. Wenn die App aus dem Shopify App Store stammt, würde ich in diesem Fall empfehlen, sich an unseren Support zu wenden, und wir können versuchen, Sie zu erreichen an die Entwickler der Drittanbieter-App.