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2023년 3월 15일

They just lost me as a customer by forcing an update which makes it mandatory for customers to have both phone and email when doing a delivery order. They made up a story about it being for security however the website rules are either a phone or email and it works just fine. They also suggested I make up email addresses to get past a screen that stops you proceeding which I am going to refer to the ICO as that's essentially using fake data , tut tut Shopify! They are looking at their developments in a completely isolated manner and not considering all cohorts. We've lost thousands this week as it's Mother's day and we can't see a high % of our customers. They need to get a handle on their rogue Devs.

Time for Flowers
앱 사용 시간: 대략 1년
2023년 2월 2일

The app itself is ok as long as you stick to the recommended hardware, or it just won't work! (Basically stick to American based Apple products).
My issue is the features it allows in the free version are lacking, that, in retail certain abilities are considered standard. For example the ability to make an exchange on a sale and the use of existing discount codes from the website end (i can tick the box but unless I use pro it doesn't feed it through).
I don't want to pay an extra £80 just for this option, so I have to the calculations manually and adjust stock manually. I don't need multiple outlets or more than 5 staff I can barely afford myself!
I understand the software is different than the e-commerce software, so billing is separate, but someone really needs to look at the needs vs extras because what I need vs what I want are two very different options. Maybe allow a system of choose what you want and charge accordingly... better yet, just allow me to do exchanges and use discount codes on the POS.

앱 사용 시간: 2년 초과
답글 Shopify개 2023년 2월 6일

RetroEsque, thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I'll let our Reviews Team here know about your review. They look into feedback from merchants and consider it for use on our platform. I also wanted to let you know, for the Lite plan you can still apply discount codes to the items in the cart. You can apply a discount to the whole cart or individual line items. Feel free to reach out to our Retail Support if you have more questions.

2023년 1월 18일

PSA: When you enter in an address to collect sales tax, they do not have the correct tax rate system. I entered my correct address, which on the government website has a 3.5% local sales tax rate, but because Shopify POS is super behind, they use a "Basic System" to determine the tax rate, which is 4% lower than it should have been, leaving ME to pay the remaining taxes out of pocket. I am not sure how this app is even legal if they cant even provide the correct tax rate!

Shop Fitted Boutique
앱 사용 시간: 4개월
답글 Shopify개 2023년 1월 23일

Hello Shop Fitted Boutique, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We truly appreciate your feedback as we further develop the POS app to be used by more merchants and meet the demands of the evolving retail world.
As for the issue you mentioned, the POS app applies taxes based on the store location that you assign to your POS device, you can also read more in [Setting up tax rates for Shopify POS](https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/taxes/set-adjust-pos-taxes?utm_source=gurucopy&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=Gurus#undefined),if your location is set up I would suggest reaching out to our Retail support so the team could investigate this for you. The team is here 24/7 to help.

2023년 1월 18일

i'm in the shopify app store --- why isn't the the current release number shown, and related release notes?? the app does not always auto update, and we need to know what is current and the related changes.

Lasting Impressions Gifts (LIG)
앱 사용 시간: 2년 초과
답글 Shopify개 2023년 1월 23일

Hello Lasting Impressions Gifts, thank you for sharing your feedback. I understand that you are looking to find information about the new updates for the POS , you can find that by going to your device's app store (play or app store) > search for the Point of sales app > open the page and click on "version history" or "what's new". You can also check the [Shopify Changelog website](https://changelog.shopify.com/?utm_source=gurucopy&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=Gurus).

2022년 12월 28일

The app is a bad, forced update after forced update, and all that seems to change is making our ipads unsupported. even worse if you pay shopify more money for their tap and chip reader. They may as well go back to a wired connection to the ipad because they don't seem to know how to use bluetooth technology. Having to restart the app every time the devices sleep isn't an acceptable solution. They've opened up their business to third party apps for everything else they may as well just let third party hardware/software handle this part as well.

Park & Fifth Clothing Co
앱 사용 시간: 거의 5년
답글 Shopify개 2023년 1월 16일

Hello Park & Fifth Clothing Co, thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. We are constantly improving our app by releasing new updates that can fix bugs and add new features.

As for when the hardware goes into sleep mode, we recommend checking the app's permission: In the iPad Settings Menu > search for Shopify POS > ensure the app's Location Permissions are set to "Allow while using" and "Allow cross-website tracking" toggle on. This ensures that if the reader reaches out while the screen is asleep or while the app is minimized, the app will still have the appropriate permissions to complete its security checks and be able to reconnect.

If the issue is not fixed, feel free to reach out to our Retail support. The team is here 24/7 to help.

2022년 8월 28일

The card reader is always asleep. Trying to wake it up by pressing the power button once according to the onscreen message doesnt work. I have to go back or close the app, open it and login into the app again, or check the connection to wifi. Its just so inconsistent. Im thinking of just dropping this POS and move onto Square or Keeping it all on Venmo business and Zelle. You would think Shopify would have this fixed by now since this has been the biggest complaint from all POS users here.

Nomad Roasters
앱 사용 시간: 2개월
답글 Shopify개 2023년 1월 30일

Hey Nomad Roasters! The card readers do naturally go to sleep if they haven't been used in sometime but pressing the power button should awaken the reader. What card reader do you have? Are you still having issues with the reader staying awake/connected? If so, please reach out to our retail team as they will walk through getting your reader back up and running. Support is open 24/7 for your convenience!

2022년 8월 13일

i am using the app , i like it but it needs more improvement like applying multiple discount at once or at least combine discount with other apps . also needs a note app for employee duties .also need tracking each employee sales for collection

앱 사용 시간: 3년 초과
답글 Shopify개 2023년 1월 31일

Hello LECCE, thank you for sharing your feedback. I'll let our developers know about your feedback. I'm sure other merchants such as yourself have had similar needs, so we may see this feature implemented on Shopify in the future! As for the tracking employee sales, you can do so if you have the PRO plan that included the feature to attribute sales to staff. You can check more features here - [Top POS Features and Benefits](https://www.shopify.com/ca/pos/features?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=RetailPOS+-+Brand+-+AMER+-+CA+-+Brand&utm_content=Features+&+Pricing&_bt=624903914555&_bk=shopify%20pos%20price&_bm=e&_bn=g&_bg=104134465121&gclid=CjwKCAiAleOeBhBdEiwAfgmXf2MeSozAyx6OwizsIUOJdNAVZKNzJcLy7asNvUaW1o5m-IW7Kk8Y9xoCYB4QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds?utm_source=gurucopy&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=Gurus)

2022년 7월 14일

This app went from bad to worse after the recent update a few weeks ago. We waste so much time getting the card reader to connect, and when it does connect, it only works for a few minutes at a time making us waste time doing manual entry. Also, I wish this app had more useful features for vendors in general. We are a clothing store so we don't use the "Enable Tips" feature. However, I wish that was replaced with a more useful feature where I can add marketing reminders for staff to remember when doing checkout for example "Don't forget to ask for customer's phone #" or "Ask for a Google review" etc...

앱 사용 시간: 6년 초과
답글 Shopify개 2023년 2월 6일

Hello MY ROYAL CLOSET, I am sorry to hear you had an issue with your card reader and I hope you were able to get it resolved. Regarding the "enable tip" feature, I am happy to mention that the POS have a way to collect tips now, you can read more about this feature in this link- [Collecting tips with the Shopify POS](https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/sell-in-person/shopify-pos/tips?utm_source=gurucopy&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=Gurus#undefined). As for the notification tab, I'll let our Reviews Team here know about your review. They look into feedback from merchants and consider it for use on our platform.

2022년 7월 3일

Wir verwenden diese App nun bereits 1 Jahr lang, aber seitdem tut sich wenig bei den Verbesserungen. Das UI könnte viel mehr Anpassungen gebrauchen, z. B. die Größen der Kachel, die UX ist wenig intuitiv. Dazu wird uns seit Wochen immer wieder eingeblendet, dass TSE nicht aktiv ist. Die Z-Bons zeigen selten die richtigen Umsätze, immer wieder fallen Kartenzahlungen hinten runter. Alles in allem leider kein verlässliches System. Wir werden uns eine Alternative suchen

Weinberg Shop
앱 사용 시간: 1년 초과
2022년 6월 8일

The app definitely needs some layout and user interface work. The cart is not accessible from every screen which makes adding and removing items more difficult and require more steps than necessary. When you add an item to the cart, you can only add one item. If you need to change the quantity of any item you have to go back to the menu, go back to the cart then change the quantity. You should just be able to change the quantity before you add the item to the cart. The "Ship to customer" option is only available at the beginning of the sale which is incredibly inconvenient. When my customer decides half way through the sale they'd rather ship instead of carry the items with them. If anything the "Ship to customer" option should be a separate page or section before you check out the customer with a simple toggle switch that enables shipping or pick up. My last complaint is that the bluetooth does not reconnect to the card readers if you walk away from your paired reader. In order to get the readers to reconnect I had to either make the my phone or iPad to forget the device or completely restart my phone or iPad. I gave the app 2 stars because it did perform enough for me to make sales but the overall inconvenience of how the app is laid out made my sales in a fast paced environment more stressful as opposed to helpful. I really hope Shopify updates the app to be more user friendly and streamlined. I'm going to try and use it one more time before the end of the year, and if it's still PITA, I'll defiantly be switching to a different option.

Fusion Tools
앱 사용 시간: 9개월
답글 Shopify개 2023년 2월 17일

Hello Fusion Tools, thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I hope you were able to get it solved with the card reader disconnecting from the device, that is not expected behavior, the reader should connect once you wake it up from the POS app. As for your feature requests, I'll let our developers know about your review.T hey look into feedback from merchants and take it into consideration for use on our platform. I'm sure other merchants such as yourself have had similar needs, so we may see this feature implemented on Shopify in the future!