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25 marzo 2015

Really good solid app. Took a little bit to understand. It's all about collections and tags. Once you understand that its simple. WOudl love to see a second rev of this giving some more control over the look and feel of the menu fonts, checkboxes, etc. Otherwise, it works really great!

The Fretlight Guitar Store
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17 novembre 2020

Great app with lots of great features for managing your store. Highly recommended. I do have one complaint: The app will remove tags if you use the Filter Menu feature. So if you filter collections based on tags (or use tags for anything else such as backend product organization), be careful. There is a notice but it doesn't stand out so I activated the product type filter menu feature before noticing. The result: Many of our tags used to sort products in collections were deleted, erasing hours of work almost instantly. There are no justifiable reasons to delete tags off of products. Our store relies heavily on tags for organization. It hurts that this happened, as we have been put behind many hours. The fact that I am leaving 4 stars even after this disaster should say how good this app is. I do recommend it. Just make sure you read the documentation before using.

Overstock Pipeline
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Power Tools ha risposto 18 novembre 2020

Thanks for the great review!

Our team is always here to help, and we've even been working on new ways to quickly update your tags using the Speed Tag feature!

As always we recommend taking a backup of your products before editing any tags, just in case.

22 settembre 2018

I use this help for his amazing filter options! Would love if they could make filter tool only for less than $16 per month...
5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
1 novembre 2019

So far so good. There are a ton of features but I only really needed a few things. Maybe it's a little too powerful? It would be nice to only pay for the ones I'm using.

Artly Paint Parties
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
6 agosto 2019

Used for quick tag editing and search filtering. Found some occasional issues with editing features through the app, but customer support has been first class, and every issues I've had has been resolved quickly and painlessly.

My only complaint is that the filter menu don't work with search results, and I'm struggling to find another app that will play nice with the filter menu to do that job. Introducing filter menu for search (even at additional cost) would make this a 5/5 for me.

Logans Pianos
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