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23 april 2014

I like the interface of the online store, It is easy to work (specially for some-one that is inexperienced (in setting up a a store).

YesOnline Shop
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5 april 2014

I can only review based off of the free shoppad. I love that my website is compatible with the ipad and cell phones. It will make shopping much faster and easier. Shoppad app is so easy and user friendly.

A little AnnaFaith Kids
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30 augustus 2013

Unfortunately, we've had so many issues with customers using Ipads that we have removed this app - seems great, but some reason, just won't work for our customers - pity

herbal Ingredient by Toni McMahon
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3 januari 2019

it is nice app it is has most of the features i need. i wish i can put my store name and logo on the app icon in my customer phones

BreeqOro Accesssories
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18 dagen gebruiken de app
4 juni 2015

While the idea is GREAT, and the look is appealing, a couple things need some work. The load time for one. But mostly the navigation. If you want to back out of the listing and dont hit the x, you end up in the previous window of another site. Also, there isnt a way to see more than a few things at a time. I realize its a catalog look, like a magazine, but I dont find that easy to navigate unless your just browsing. I think if a store has a bunch of the same stuff on, and not one of a kind in the thousands like I do, its perfect! Also, the support is stupendous...

The Best Vintage Clothing
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21 maart 2015

LAMPS USA is 100% correct. this app is for basic use only for websites without any integrated services or added amenities. it really doesn't improve anything at all if you have a decent set up already because most themes display perfectly fine on mobile and tablet and still hold the discounts and other services shopify provides. unfortunately, this app destroys any marketing techniques in place and replaces them with a slightly more visually convenient model for some themes, but on others it makes the menu box or side panel virtually impossible to see.
integrating the wonderful applications we're paying for monthly would be great.

A1 Apparel
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9 dagen gebruiken de app
9 april 2014

It is just an average app. Most of the shopify free themes are fully optimized for mobiles and tablets. This app do not let us go back to the desktop theme and it is a bit slow i think.

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25 februari 2015

The old shoppad app was not very good, barely any description of product, poor barely-there homepage etc.... this new one looks much flashier and more app-like and all that. BUT BEWARE.

We installed this app and over a period of a few days it was clearly obvious it was a fail. Our bounce rate for mobile and tablets doubled. Our pages per visit slashed from ~9 to ~3. This had a serious effect on our actual sales placed on mobile/tablet, as well as affecting traffic ending up on desktop. We had some of our worst performing days while the app was active, with seriously lower sales and conversion rate, so we have removed it.

Our website uses instead a responsive theme with some changes made to mobile, but mostly a desktop website for tablets. Our mobile experience is sort of okay but not that good, it needs a lot of work, and yet it performed twice as good (or more) than this app.

So I say beware of the claims and the marketing. It may be better than NO mobile website, but it may also perform worse than a well optimized responsive site. The user interface is a bit sluggish and not really intuitive... the whole thing of turning pages is I think far too removed from normal shopping experience that I didn't even realize that I could do that, or how to get to the products... the usability is poor with too much learning curve. Also the app lacks really useful marketing, sales, various other ecommerce features like cross-sells, up-sells etc... all the cool stuff you can do with OTHER apps and plugins, that have absolutely no effect when using this app. I recommend getting your responsive website put in place well so that you can benefit from all the other things an ecommerce store really needs, which this app does not provide.

I'm giving it 3 stars for `looking nice` and `being original` but nothing more, due to the proof that it performs badly and is unintuitive.

Verenigde Staten
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Bewerkt 7 september 2019

Sympa elle ma bien dépanné dommage que la version payante soit pas moins cher je l'aurais valider completlétement

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16 februari 2014

Initial opinion was that this is a brilliant app that allows small businesses create mobile friendly websites with alot of ease. The more i have gotten into it, the more challenging I found simple processes. You can't directly open desktop pages. The app does appear to be glitchy sometimes. ,y biggest pet peeve was the shop url changing completely to "". Despite having directing subdomain names to CNAME record, the URL is not changing back.

On the plus side, the interface on the iPad is especially lovely and I do like the look and feel I was able to create. The iPhone is fine too, though a bit basic. A bit skeptical about this at the moment, but it is definitely worth a try.

Street Rose Apparel
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