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Bewerkt 10 januari 2017

Updated 1/10/17
I recently noticed that our site was no longer switching to a mobile version. I emailed ShopPad support, and they had it fixed within 2 days! Great customer service, with a quick response time, and now our mobile site looks great again!

So far, this app works great. It was incredibly easy and fast to set up, and looks great on my phone and tablet. The only thing I noticed was that it took a minute to recognize that I was on a phone, so I was browsing the desktop version for a minute when it suddenly switched to the mobile version, so I had to start over what I was doing to test it. It also wouldn't load the mobile version again in my browser once I had switched to the desktop version. But it looks super professional and I love it!

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Ongeveer 7 jaar gebruiken de app
14 maart 2014

I just started my store on shopify , on exploring their appstore i came across ShopPad App. , immediately i got it installed as i believe Future is Mobile and providing a Store design for our Customers is Must.

U have to see it to believe it , look and ease of this app is awesome, i would highly recommend this app for every store. These guys are doing great service.

Dattani Book Agency
Ongeveer 6 jaar gebruiken de app
28 juli 2015

On point, and responded quickly to all my questions! Awesome app as well.

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Bijna 6 jaar gebruiken de app
17 juni 2013

This aps is a great stuff. I'm happy with its service. Please subscribe it. Good JOB!
Bijna 6 jaar gebruiken de app
27 mei 2013

I'm not a techy and I installed the App easily. The shop looks awesome on an iPad now...wish everything was this easy.

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Bijna 6 jaar gebruiken de app
13 april 2013

All of your products added to Catalogue in a stylish and sleek design, simple to use and fast support. And its free, what more could you ask... recommend to everyone!

Active Formulas Skin Care
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Bijna 5 jaar gebruiken de app
12 februari 2014

When I discovered the ShopPad app I could hardly believe that something this functional, beautiful and easy to implement existed. Thanks for making my job a breeze!

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Ongeveer 4 jaar gebruiken de app
18 september 2013

Great app with an outstanding customer support. Already considering it my catalog solution for my next project.


Service Industry Technologies
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Bijna 4 jaar gebruiken de app
21 april 2013

We trust your app. and your company's creativity. Thank you very much.

Zakka de Happy
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Meer dan 3 jaar gebruiken de app
21 juni 2013

What a great App! We always wanted to have it. How great that it's FREE! Thank You

Turtle Ridge Gallery
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Meer dan 3 jaar gebruiken de app