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Update, the app will not load for us, and after several requests for help via support with no answer, we have removed this app. It worked great then left us in a lurch. The Etsy Inventory app for shopify is excellent. It is easy to use and has made selling my shopify items in my etsy studio and keeping things synched a breeze. Thank you so much team! If you have a question and ask via messenger the customer service is super prompt, professional, and helpful.

shopUpz が返信しました 2022年9月24日

Shirly from shopUpz! Please note that Etsy changed their permission scope last week and I have sent you notification regarding the change and next steps as soon as we discovered the issue. We also opened a ticket on Etsy side so they will investigate the issue.

Please note that we respond most times up to 24 hours . Since we are not a Shopify plus app we are allowed to reply for up to 72 hours . That said, I've replied as soon as I can as promised in less than 24 hours and sent you multiple emails but you haven't replied to me yet.
Feel free to reach out and I would be happy to assist.
As you know, service is my top priority and the app works as expected. There may be times when Etsy can release a version without notifying us in advance and we are working really hard in real time to find , resolve and report them with this issue.



I use the app because there is no real alternative as of this writing. It works, slowly, and not always when you need it to - often to leading to oversells of products, which has happened several times over the last year. I've sold out on either Shopify or Etsy only to have the app not function properly and not correctly deduct the final inventory to 0 on the other sale channel - Etsy or Shopify. OR, if I ZERO out Shopify inventory manually, the app will often add a +1 to Shopify 15 minutes later. It still sees 1 on Etsy and thinks - "Ok, let me +1 to Shopify." Not awesome. This causes an oversell of the product, which exactly what I'm paying to prevent. It happens too frequently to keep track, as recently as July 1 - 7. Sold out on Etsy, no deduction occurred on Shopify, which sold it again later. :| Support/Shirly is quick to respond, and they are nice, but they don't have a solution as you can see by their response below.

The Painted Heirloom
shopUpz が返信しました 2022年3月30日

Shirly from shopUpz!
You have been using our solution for more than a year and it seems that you are still choosing to use it :-)
Overall our solution relies on Etsy and Shopify . Every several months Etsy may release a new API or have issues that we don't have control over. When we find any issue we contact them and we need to wait for them to fix it.
Our solution is reliable and we always make sure that we are on top of each change and release.
Thank you for your warm feedback regarding the service . Service is our top priority.