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Update concerning Shopupz answer : They contacted me, but insisted on me deleting my review instead of understanding my concern .I answered them and they never got back .The message you see below my review is an automatic and robotic message that they send to many other customers , juts look at other reviews. I found this extra weird for a business that wants to grow and " care" ..

My review : It's a great app for synching and managing , I loved this part but I think it's not worth it for exporting items especially when you have many and different. On Etsy I can copy from a similar item and already have everything filled . With this app it exports the title, the description , the SKU's and the tags , meaning you would have to fill all the attributes + categories on Etsy website. It took more time for me by using the app, especially that sometimes it wasn't exporting well my descriptions. So for the price it isn't worth it. If you try to gain time by exporting I don't recommend , for synching and managing orders it's great.

shopUpz が返信しました 2023年2月21日

Thank you for your feedback. You mentioned that the app works great for quantity sync and orders. Please note that it also works great for export listings.
Regarding descriptions there are several formats and it can also change betweeb differenet languages like spanish. You never contacted me regarding this issue, I can investigate and check the specific description format that you are using. I'm positive that this issue can be supported for you. I've tried to contact you several times on multiple channels and you haven't responded yet.
Ping me and I would be happy to support you.


I really wanted to love this app however it has major issues with syncing quantities between Etsy and Shopify. My only use for this app was quantity syncing so I cannot speak for importing/exporting.

It had been more than 24 hours since sales occurred and the quantities were not syncing. Keep in mind the advertised sync time is 15-20 minutes. The first time I noticed the issue I reached out via shopify support and received a response almost immediately. Shirly said she resolved the issue and that it was “A configuration issue” that they fixed on their end to adjust with my account. I also verified that I did everything correctly and it was not a user error.

However, this fix did not last long. The very next day I had the same issue and reached out again via the same email thread from before, no response. The issue resolved itself after many hours.

Here we are a few days later and the exact same thing is happening. I reached out for the third time via Shopify Support, no response. It’s been 2+ days since sales have occurred and quantities are not updating unless I manually change them, which defeats the purpose of my use for the app.

I gave it a fair shot, unfortunately it can not provide the advertised bi-directional syncing I was looking for so I’ll be removing it. Shirly was helpful and kind in the first instance that I talked to her, however I can’t exactly give good ratings for long term customer support as I did not receive a response the following two times.

I paid for a service that it could not provide and am left disappointed. Hopefully they’re able to fix the issues with their app.

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shopUpz が返信しました 2023年2月6日

Hey, thank you for your feedback. Please note that I respond as fast as I can. It can take up to 24 hours although Shopify allows response time up to 48 hours.
Please note that there are configuration settings that can cause the quantity not to be updated as described here
I've tried to contact you several times . Happy to schedule a meeting of chat offline and assist you in resolving the issue.



I have an Etsy shop with over 200 listings and hundreds of SKUs that are repeated in different listings in my shop. I found that this is a company that's just getting started. Their customer service is extremely good, and they are still working out their kinks. They are happy to work them out with you. My shop is mid-size and I can afford a more high-powered software that functions perfectly out the gate, so I went with that. If you're bargain hunting and have a simple shop, this app might be perfect for you.

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shopUpz が返信しました 2021年7月20日

Thank you for your kind words regarding the service. Etsy and Shopify manage their inventory in a different way. As mentioned in our email communication I would be happy to schedule a meeting, walk you through our app and explain about the best practices for managing your inventory between Etsy and Shopify.