Show Price in BTC

Show Price in BTC

作成: Sound Onyx Inc

A better currency converter app. Premium features for free!

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Target your audience better

Automatic location-based currency conversion and custom tooltip currencies allows for a more personalized feel to your store.

Appeal to BTC supporters

Bitcoin supporters/evangelists will appreciate you legitimizing the currency for use in commerce.

Easier & faster vs other apps

The app's code is optimized so it doesn't delay load times of your store's pages (or edit your theme's files), unlike other currency apps.

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Simply convert your store's prices into ANY currency (or Bitcoin)

This app gives you total control over how to display prices to visitors. You can even set the currency to automatically convert based on the visitor’s location.

The only free currency converter app you need

This free app comes with all the functionality that other currency converter apps only include in their paid tier:

  • Automatically sets the displayed currency based on which country the visitor is in (using their IP address, which avoids the web browser asking the "know your location" prompt since their exact location is not needed). You can also manually specify the currency to be shown (e.g. BTC, JPY, USD, EUR, etc).
  • A tooltip that appears when visitors hover over the displayed price (in order to show the price in a second, alternative currency).
  • Choose to display cents in superscript (recommended).
  • Choose to show or hide the currency's 3 letter code (e.g. $100 vs $100 USD).

A better designed app that doesn’t hurt load times for visitors. Beware of other currency converter apps.

The app's code is optimized so it doesn't delay load times of your store's pages, unlike other apps.

Importantly, this app does NOT edit any of your store's theme files either (which could cause breaking changes). Note: many other currency converter apps automatically edit your theme files without your knowledge, and the changes persist even after you uninstall them.



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Amazing app with great and unique features. The app is really fast and one of the best you can get + it's free !!!

Mining Bonanza

This app shows the USD price in BTC and is an excellent concept and very useful to us and our customers.



Thanks! We really appreciate the review.