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Bewerkt 1 juli 2023

I have no idea why I'm paying for this when I can't even use it because of a error message. I would like to transfer this weekend becuase I'm running a sale on my site. Everything I try gives me a error message

Zia Design Dungeon
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Ongeveer 2 maanden gebruiken de app
2 augustus 2022

Good idea - BAD implementation.
Destroyed my ETSY shop. All I wanted is to copy ETSY to Shopify. now both not working. No way back, have to manually fix all items. BAD!!! and no reply from developer.

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Illumiko heeft geantwoord 7 augustus 2022

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave this review! I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience with us, but please note that I have personally responded to each one of your messages. Also, as mentioned in my responses, your Etsy products were updated because you have ran Shuttle to update your Etsy products based on your Shopify products. I'm sad to read that after more than 2 years with us (and being grandfathered into the last 2 years), with thousands of reviews and products transferred (and updated), suddenly Shuttle is a bad implementation. I'll be more than happy to help, but for that, I'd love it if you could please respond to my responses. Thanks!

6 mei 2019

Good for syncing listings from Etsy to Shopify. HOWEVER, it DOES NOT keep syncing inventory!!! This is the main reason I purchased this app, and I'm very disappointed.
I liked how I could customize what exactly transferred (only first pic, remove/add paragraphs to the description, keep only first tagline in title, etc). But because I only need the first pic and first paragraph on my Shopify listings, without all the Etsy fillers, I could've easily made 100 listings myself and saved the $$$.
Was somewhat worth it, until i realized there is no real time syncing the inventory. WASTE of money

Magnolia Melts
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22 dagen gebruiken de app
Illumiko heeft geantwoord 9 mei 2019

Thank you for your review and sorry for the misunderstanding!

I don't think it is mentioned in the App's description that Etsify performs auto-syncs of stock levels, but I'll look again - sorry for the confusion!

Etsify does include the option to sync your stock levels in Shopify based on the latest orders made in Etsy, but it needs to be triggered manually (through the Update Products section).

Thank you again and have a great day!