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10 april 2024

This is hands down the best app for moving your etsy store to shopify. I did a free trial of Ced and Quick. Shuttle has 5 times the functionality. Really helpful stuff like being able to trim off excess SEO tags from your product titles. Find and replace to swap etsy URLs for Shopify URLs within the product description. Because there are so many options, the interface can feel a bit slow and overwhelming. But Nimo from support answered all my questions quickly and got me squared away. 5 Stars!

Grown Rings
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Bewerkt 26 maart 2024

This app made transferring my listings from Etsy to Shopify so simple. While I initially encountered a minor issue with customer names changing during the review export, Nimo offered fantastic support! He proactively reached out to me after realizing my email wasn't working and provided clear instructions on how to adjust a setting to fix the problem. With their prompt customer support, coupled with the app's ease of use, I would recommend this app for anyone looking to migrate their listings.

Hearts and Found
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11 maart 2024

This is a wonderful app for use with your Etsy shop. Syncing information is easy and relatively seamless. I especially love being able to pull in my Etsy reviews. I recommend to anyone with Etsy and Shopify!
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28 februari 2024

I have been using Shuttle for over a year now and I'm very happy with the ease of installation and reliability of this app. Saves me so much time!

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29 januari 2024

My experience so far using Shuttle has been flawless not a single issue and does everything it promises, if you're wanting something to sync your orders, reviews etc I fully recommend you check it out not only the app but support has been absolutely outstanding, Nimo & the Shuttle team have really gone out of their way to get going. I really cannot recommend not only the app but the support behind it has been nothing less than outstanding!!!

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6 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 9 maart 2024

Updated to 5 stars: The developer quickly implemented the ability to merge product options in a great way! I am back and this IS the BEST value app for syncing with Etsy! Thank you!

I switched from another Etsy syncing app to this one because it appeared to have more features and settings and a better pricing structure. The reason I will be switching back is that the previous app was able to handle the 2-option limit that Etsy has when a product in Shopify has 3 options by combining 2 of them automatically. That is a dealbreaker for me unfortunately. If they fix this, I will come back.

Dragon Kids 3D Prints
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28 februari 2024

Great app!! There were some minor issues, but their support team was quick enough to help me out.

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24 januari 2024

I've been using this for a few months now and have been very satisfied with how it works. The setup options are many and clearly given so you can make it work how it needs to for your situation. Had an issue figuring out how to add SKU's to existing product one evening so messaged thru the chatbot. Within a couple of hours I had the solution emailed to me (I had missed a checkbox). Very impressive customer service!

Bitty House Miniatures
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28 februari 2024

Very good tool, easy to use and customer service is excellent!

Mooi Metal Art
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25 januari 2024

Game changer! Shuttle has streamlined my order processing, shipping operations, inventory management, AND made life much easier for my bookkeeper. It basically pays for itself!
The customer service I have received has been excellent too.

Beehive Handmade
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