Shuttle ‑ Transfer from Etsy

Shuttle ‑ Transfer from Etsy

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Transfer products & reviews to and fron Etsy with ease!

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Transfer Products

Transfer products between Etsy and Shopify, with their variations, images, SKUs, tags, collections and everything in between.

Transfer Reviews

Transfer reviews from Etsy to Shopify – Assign custom products, add custom images, automatically get your recent reviews and much more.

Unlimited updates

Added a new image? updated a variation? No problem! With Shuttle, you can update your Etsy or Shopify products whenever needed.

Sobre Shuttle ‑ Transfer from Etsy

Shuttle (formerly Etsify) is the most advanced and straightforward product transfer & update solution between Etsy and Shopify.

Keep your products in sync with ease using Shuttle’s clean and easy to use dashboard. Transfer and update products between Etsy and Shopify with a few clicks – easily search for specific products, build a queue of products, or transfer all products.

Shuttle integrates with Etsy and Shopify’s inventory management systems so you never have to worry about messy CSV files, missing products, variations, or incorrect transfers.

Shuttle provides you with tools to fine-tune your transfers and updates – with batch content and title editing, tag removal, auto collection creation, batch stock editor, and more.

Increase customer trust by transferring your hard-earned reviews from Etsy to your Shopify products, assign reviews to custom products, custom images, and integrate with your favorite product reviews app.

What can Shuttle do?

  • TRANSFER PRODUCTS FROM ETSY TO SHOPIFY - Transfer all products by state or by section, add products to a queue or transfer single products using a clean and easy to use search system.

  • TRANSFER PRODUCTS FROM SHOPIFY TO ETSY - Transfer products queue or single products from your Shopify shop to Etsy.

  • SAVE YOU (A LOT OF) TIME – Tailor the transfers to best match your Shop, and save hours and hours of post-transfer edits by using Shuttle’s extensive toolbox.

  • UPDATE ETSY AND SHOPIFY PRODUCTS - Quickly ensure updates are correctly reflected across both Shops. Added new images in Shopify? Updated content in Etsy? New variations or updated prices? Easily select the updated products and Shuttle will do the rest.

  • TRANSFER REVIEWS FROM ETSY TO SHOPIFY - Shuttle can prepare your Etsy reviews so you can easily import them into your product reviews app. If needed, assign reviews to your Shop, custom products, or add images.

  • AUTO-EXPORT NEWLY CREATED ETSY REVIEWS - Shuttle can automatically email you a CSV file of your most recent reviews, making adding new reviews a breeze.

What's included in a product transfer?

  • Products Title, Description, Tags & Images
  • Variations (within Shopify’s 100 variants limit), with their SKUs, prices, stock levels, and images.
  • Sections and categories can be converted into Shopify collections, tags, and/or product type.
  • Product weights, dimensions, and materials can be transferred to Shopify.

What Shuttle cannot do?

  • Shuttle does not perform real-time syncs, it's an on-demand transfer/update solution.
  • Shuttle is unable to transfer review images, it does include a way for you to easily add custom images to reviews.


  • Shopify and Etsy shops are required.
  • If you only transfer reviews, your Etsy and Shopify products must share the same SKUs.

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10 Products and 20 Reviews free to try. Premium plans start from 29USD a year

4.2 de 5 estrelas

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Avaliações mais recentes

Celtic Studio

I used this app when it was Etsify to transfer almost 20,000 listings from Etsy to Shopify. I tried a number of different apps and methods to do this but nothing worked because of variations and format errors in the transfer so I was very excited to find something that would actually work! It took a sustained effort over time since Shopify has limitation to how many listings can be uploaded per day, this is because of Shopify policy so no developer's app can overcome this issue. I've been using the new Shuttle app to update some of my listings and will import reveiws soon. So far it is a great upgrade with helpful new features. Customer service has been responsive and informative. Thanks Nimo!

Resposta do desenvolvedor

10 de fevereiro de 2021

Thank you for the review! Much appreciated! Good luck with the reviews, and know that I'm always here to assist with any issues or questions :)

Thanks again,

Stitch Love Studio

Huge improvement over the previous version (Etsify?). So much more feature robust and easier to use. Bravo!!

Resposta do desenvolvedor

10 de fevereiro de 2021

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review! Happy to read you're enjoying Shuttle :) Any feature requests or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Orange Umbrella Co

This app was great when it was etsify. We have had tons of issues since the new platform release. I've tried reaching out through their contact form three times (Jan 5th, 9th, & 14th) about error messages we are receiving and have gotten nothing back. Crickets. Terrible customer service. We're currently looking elsewhere. I'm just glad we got our money's worth for the last few years or I'd be requesting a refund as well. I have seen other reviews where Nimo says he has talked to customers when they claim the opposite. I WILL update this review if they ever reach out.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

10 de fevereiro de 2021


Thank you for leaving the review. I'm sorry for missing your messages, a mistake on my end, which I'd like to blame my email client, but it was me who miscategorized your original message as 'complete' :/

I also would like to add that I did reach out, multiple times in the past week - with no response from the customer.

Thank you again,