Siggy Product Recommender

Siggy Product Recommender


AI-Driven product recommendation for up-selling and cross-sell

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No coding needed

Siggy automatically places recommendations on your product pages, no need to configure anything or tweak your Shopify template.

Simple and powerful analytics

We only present the analytics that matters. Siggy tracks everything from products recommended, clicked, added to cart and purchased.

Privacy focused

Siggy uses a pre-trained AI algorithm to index your product data. We do not store, mine or use your data to train our algorithm.

Su Siggy Product Recommender

Siggy is an AI-driven product recommender using content-based algorithms to generate related products to be displayed in your shop. The related products help the store generate additional revenue through upselling and cross-selling.

How is Siggy different?

Unlike the “Customer also bought” type of product recommenders that uses your customer and order information to generate recommendations, Siggy only uses your product catalog data to identify relationships between different products. This means Siggy can be effective for your shop whether it’s a brand new shop with no order histories or a shop with millions of orders. It also means Siggy protects your customer and your shop’s privacy and fully complies with GDPR and other regulations.

Who is Siggy for?

Although Siggy can work for shops of all types, it is most effective for shops with a large product catalog (e.g. between 100 to 5000 products).

Siggy limitations (Please read)

Siggy won't work for stores with more than 5000 products. This is to prevent abuse of the app. Siggy is currently a free app service. It means the infrastructure and computing cost adds up. We are working towards a usage model that works for stores of all sizes.

Simple installation

Siggy can be installed with one click. Once installed, it will index your product catalog and start to present recommendations to your customers right away!

Siggy is tested with the following themes from Shopify: Simple, Boundless, Venture, Debut, Supply, Narrative, Brooklyn, Minimal, Express as well as other custom themes so it will look great out-of-the-box, there is no need to edit your shop’s template or customize the look and feel.

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5.0 stelle su 5

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The Shops at Mount Vernon

This is one of the best reccomended product apps on Shopify. It's a one-click installation and it's ready to go. The app learns from your product catalog and customer purchases. Best of all it has a dashboard of statistics that show you how well it's working. I would highly recommend it for your store.