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13. kesäkuu 2019

I use Signifyd for fraud protection for June and it's been really reassuring! I appreciate that they will take responsibility for any orders they believe to be authentic and will flag me for the ones they find troubling. They share the details on why it appears troubling and gives me the chance to reach out to the purchaser to ensure this order is intended to be ordered in a timely fashion. The dashboard is not that hard to use and I look forward to seeing product improvements on the dashboard to make the navigation even easier in terms of locating certain orders. I do hope they'll add more features or create more criteria fields verifying these orders. The team has a great communication attitude when discussing account or need more customer support.

June Oven
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14. kesäkuu 2019

We can tell that Signifyd uses quality intelligence both through its tech and its employees. With a fast growing business like ours, it is important that Signifyd keeps up with our growth and has done so thus far. Always needing the best pricing and service, which we hope can continue to be an open dialog with them and their team as time goes on.

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18. heinäkuu 2016

Good app. Great customer service :)

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17. kesäkuu 2019

We use Signifyd to help us prevent fraudulent orders and to get charge back reimbursement on applicable orders. This is a great app with amazing customer support. Very prompt and informative customer support. Sometime the app does not provide detailed information on why a charge back and/or order was marked as fraud, hence the 4 star review. Other than that, everything runs great with minimal actions on our end. I recommend this app to any company having issues with charge backs or fraud.

Dr. Dabber
Melkein 3 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
14. maaliskuu 2016

I would give them 5 stars but their 4% guarantee I think is entirely to high. It shouldnt be more than 2-3%. When you have such big orders like we do it takes a huge toll and its NOT a write off. I wish it was but there is no way around that. I used them alot when I was with bigcommerce but up to recently I had to stop doing the daily every order submission just because of shopify fraud detection rules

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30. syyskuu 2017

This app is a must have! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT rely on Shopify to stop fraudulent orders. If you have a chargeback without Signfyd, you should just kiss your money goodbye. I wish I had this installed when I first opened my business. I've had two chargebacks that were made before I installed this app.

One thing, Signifyd does not always make the right decisions when it comes to declining coverage. I have a few customers that I know and work with, who were declined a guarantee. Also, most of my orders that come through Amazon are declined because of their email address being hidden. This is the only reason why I am giving 4 stars and not 5.

Www Dronesnmore Com
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7. heinäkuu 2017

We are happy with the Signifyd app so far (it's only been a couple of months). We definitely feel less worried about receiving any charge backs, which is a relief. The setup was painless, and there have not been any glitches. We will update our review if we receive a chargeback. Thanks Signifyd!

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4. marraskuu 2014

it wasn't bad to install and i think is a good app. I will recommend it
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Muokattu 16. helmikuu 2015

Feb.16- After leaving this review Signified called me and apologized telling me they were not sure how my emails slipped through the cracks. I can understand how either tech error or human error could cause this so I have amended my rating from 1 star to 4 stars because I do like how this app seems to work. I would advise anyone interested in the app to call their toll free number if you do not get an email response just to be sure.

Looks like it could be a useful app and I did install it and their logo on my site and emailed their sales dept. to be put on the bronze plan the same day I signed up (Jan 31). On Feb 4 I emailed them again because I hadn't heard back and again no reply. Received an email Feb 13 my free trial would expire the next day so I emailed again asking to be put on the free plan but still no reply. Today I was locked out of the dashboard with a message to contact them to to get reinstated. Well, I'm sorry but I guess they do not want business from someone who is only going to us the free bronze plan. Thank you for nothing. I'll go elsewhere.

P&J Home and Garden Decor
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