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16 december 2023

All I can say is EXCELLENT! The app works and it works fast! Support was fast and very helpful. Thanks for saving us a week's worth of manual work in a flash!

Kind Regards,

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42 minuten gebruiken de app
Simple Apps LLC heeft geantwoord 17 december 2023

Hearing things like that from customers brings a huge smile to my face, I'm glad it saved you some work!

31 augustus 2023

I was looking for an easy, fast, and accurate way to handle my inventory and update prices. This application goes beyond what I expected. The customer support, headed by Chris, is impressively quick and thorough. I'm genuinely happy with this platform!

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29 maart 2023

This app saves a lot of time and effort when handling high volumes and it has always worked well for our company. The customer support provided by Chris is extremely fast and thorough. Very happy with this platform!

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Simple Apps LLC heeft geantwoord 29 maart 2023

Thank you for the kind words!

7 juni 2023

The app is amazing and Greg is amazing !

He introduce one suggestion / request in less than 24 hours ! ... now all of us can export the CSV with the Variation ID of the product.

Save me money on other app !!!!

On top of it, his app is effortless, works amazing, never had 1 issue, this is an app that you can call is fully developed and bug free !!!

I not only recommend, I strong advice you reading this to sign the app !!!

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Simple Apps LLC heeft geantwoord 7 juni 2023

Thank you so much for the review and the suggestion!

24 maart 2023

Awesome app that does exactly what I need. The core version is perfection.
I struggled for months trying to find a simple app that would allow me to update my inventory/price with a .xlsx doc. Simple Inventory has custom mapping headers that allow me to upload a .csv version without changing anything. It's brilliant. It saves me hassle & headache. 10 stars.

CottageCore Valley
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Simple Apps LLC heeft geantwoord 24 maart 2023

Thank you for the glowing review! We're thrilled that it's helping you so much :)

8 juli 2016

We have been using Simple Inventory for the past year and it works perfectly. Its easy and the few times I have reached out to support, they responded super fast. Thanks!!

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29 januari 2021

We've been using simple inventory for years and it's great. It gives us the ability to reconcile inventory on a daily basis, as we do a significant portion of our business outside of Shopify.

Diamond Dugout
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Ongeveer 7 jaar gebruiken de app
Simple Apps LLC heeft geantwoord 29 januari 2021

Wow, thank you for your business and we are thrilled to hear Simple Inventory is helping you run yours!

2 september 2015

Great app! we use it to update 1000+ products inventory.

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Bijna 7 jaar gebruiken de app
31 oktober 2016

Great one, does the job easily and very practically, love it !!

Kanguru Online
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19 april 2016

Simple and easy to use. Perfect for large files, I have over 190K in sku's and most inventory control apps cost in the 100's/month...and really, they don't due much else. I dont need all the bells and whistles, this app works flawlessly. Thank you! KISS -- Keep it simple stupid...makes sense to me. I love it!

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