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KAD Pre‑order

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The best way to start selling Pre-orders. Free for 2 products!

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Never Miss Out On Sales

You don’t ever have to worry about losing customers due to a product being in production, with the Simple Pre-order app!

Time Optimization

With the Simple pre-order dashboard, your pre-orders will be easy to monitor and track, as you can view them in one place!

Instant Solution

No programming skills? Never dealt with pre-orders? Use the setup wizard for an easy solution. Your app will be active in no time!

Over KAD Pre‑order

What is KAD Pre-order?

KAD Pre-order is your one-stop solution to manage, track, and monitor pre-orders in an effective and easy way. It allows you to maximize revenue by never missing out on a potential customer therefore boosting sales.

  • Allow you to set up the pre-order system without any programming skills within minutes
  • Highly trusted app with over 5000 merchants and 90,000+ pre-orders already on board
  • A comparatively inexpensive pre-order option
  • Fast customer and technical support
  • 3 months warranty for refund no questions asked, in case you don’t make any profit with KAD Pre-order.
  • Easy set up with Pre-order Wizard

Why do we need to take pre-orders?

In an ever-growing industry, you cannot afford to lack behind, therefore, you need to start creating hype for your products before they hit the market or even the production line. This does not only allow you to gain customers but also retain them. If your clientele will know that you are coming up with something new, they are less likely to look for alternatives. So if your customers want something, then you should most definitely facilitate them. That is why we have the perfect solution for you. Now your customers can pre-order through your web store with KAD Pre-order app. It is honestly a win-win situation for you!

KAD Pre-order benefits, features and options

  • Pre-order button on the landing page, product listing, and main product page
  • An easy to manage pre-order admin panel
  • KAD Pre-order is compatible with all themes, but if you have any compatibility problem just contact our CR, and we will facilitate you within 8 hrs
  • Different settings for different products and product variants
  • Easy pre-order customization
  • Search with name and collections

How does KAD Pre-order work with Shopify?

Easy management and tracking with the dashboard allows you to flawlessly work with KAD Pre-order and Shopify. It gives you the freedom to limit the number of orders and available products. As a result, pre-ordering gives you more control over the supply chain.

How will KAD Pre-order change the look of my store?

We believe in minimalism, therefore, all our apps only make minor changes to the store. KAD Pre-order will swap the "Buy Now" button to "Pre-order now" and will include an additional tooltip message if you want to.

How to start using KAD Pre-order?

Download and install the app and then leave it to the set-up wizard to incorporate itself into your store. It will start working right after installation. You can then change the setting and configurations according to your will.

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Prijzen Gratis proefperiode van 7 dagen

Basic Shopify


  • Free for 2 products

  • Unlimited pre-orders

  • Schedule

  • Analytics

  • Technical support



  • For "Basic" Shopify

  • Unlimited products and variants

  • We will refund you in full if you don’t make a profit within the initial 3 months



  • For "Shopify" plan

  • Unlimited products and variants

  • We will refund you in full if you don’t make a profit within the initial 3 months



  • For "Advanced" Shopify plan

  • We will refund you in full if you don’t make a profit within the initial 3 months

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4.5 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies


Easy and approachable to start taking pre-orders! After trying pretty much all the other apps, I always come back to this one.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

3 augustus 2020

Thanks a lot! We are glad our App comes you in handy!

The Camera Box

This is by far the best pre order app for your buck on the Shopify app store. I have tried many other apps but had to delete them. The updates are published instantly, and the tooltip feature works great too.

Wish they could a "Notify Me" feature in which customers can sign up to be notified when out of stock items are restocked.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

3 augustus 2020

Thank you for your feedback and great suggestion how to make our App even more useful!
Our development team is looking forward to add this feature in one of the upcoming updates.


This app has really helped me build my store. It has brought me many happy customers that I would otherwise have lost. It works well and is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Helpful chat support with friendly assistance

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

8 juli 2020

Thank you for your positive review! We will try to make the application even better so that it is worthy of the highest rating.