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In all fairness, I'm giving this app the middle ground rating as I've not discovered it enough to make a good or bad judgment. And, I hate to see a company takes a hit just because of an unfavorable review from someone who's probably not understanding the full functionality of a new app he just tried. But here's my problem: I've downloaded several Paypal Sync apps which offer a trial period to have a feel of the initial user experience. Unlike other apps which take you straight to its Dashboard (to which you have no obligation to add your Paypal account if you wish to) this app requires you to add your Paypal account set up first (which I did). Since I've no transaction going on for a new store, I'm unable to sync anything as prompted. That was it! Stucked at the same page unable to proceed any further. No access to the dashboard, settings, and nothing unless I have it sync'ed. So, do I have to wait to get my first transaction going before I'm able to view the dashboard or something? If that is the case, how am I able to remove the linked Paypal account if I don't wish to continue with this app? This is a bad user experience, man! Other apps allow you to remove the linked account. This one doesn't seem to have the option or am I getting it wrong somewhere? I deleted this app with no hesitation since this seems what the deal is...and not knowing if my Paypal account is still actively attached to it or otherwise. Could you advise me on this as a security assurance that all is good after the deletion? Thanks in advance and sorry it didn't work out.

ShopMessageが返信しました 2021年12月22日

Hi there! First off, we apologize for the confusion around the signup process.

In the setup, we ask that you connect your PayPal account so the app can match up PayPal and Shopify orders. That process could take a while depending on how many orders you have. If you go into the app again, you will see the dashboard. Though, because you have no orders, it will look empty.

If you don't wish to continue using the app, you are welcome to remove it. When you do that, the app deletes all the data on our servers, including PayPal account connection. We take merchant security seriously.

If you like, we are happy to walk you through the setup over a live call. Please email us at

Good luck to you!