Simple Testimonials

Simple Testimonials

door eTechFocus LLC

Sell more by showing testimonials from your loyal customers!

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Feedbacks from your fans!

Accept feedbacks from your customers

Approval management

Manage your testimonials, including approvals

Highly customizable

Proudly present your testimonials in your online store

Over Simple Testimonials

Simple Testimonials provides both online store and admin support for gathering testimonials from your customers, letting store approve or dis-approve testimonials, and presenting the testimonials beautifully in your store.

Testimonial page is extremely flexible and allows multiple images.

Accept testimonials

Customer can share their testimonials in your online store. Multiple pictures can be attached to the testimonials.

Approve or dis-approve testimonials

You have total control on what testimonials to accept and show. Submitted testimonial goes into an approval queue first.

Show Testimonials

Approved and beautifully designed testimonials can be easily integrated into your online store. Let the testimonials help you sell more products!

And it provides multiple mobile-friendly styles.

E-Commerce Setup

If you are new to e-commerce, please check out this article on how to start your own store



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2.4 van 5 sterren

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We have this installed on two company-owned websites and it has been down since last Thursday. I have tried to contact support twice since discovering the service is down and unfortunately no response from support. Error message on the pages is "There was an error in the third-party application."

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

24 juni 2019

Hi Spacetalk, sorry for the issues that you are experiencing. We are actively trying to find a solution. The error message is being shown on a Shopify page which we do not have control on. We are still trying to locate the right person within Shopify to assist. Thank you for your support and patience.


I changed my Shopify theme and the app didn't work with the new theme. I contacted their support team and they quickly replied and resolved the issue within less than an hour. I highly recommend this app.

Ultimate Bark Control

Be aware that this app has no IE support. So, if you're unlucky like my team is and still need to support that monstrosity for another year or so, then you're out of luck with this one.

Also, I did send a support email for another matter. It's been nearly a work week and I have had no response beyond that of their auto response (which says that it should only be about 24 hours).

If you are an HTML nerd like me, also be aware that the HTML this app spits out is extremely basic. No elements or anything. Not a deal breaker, but a bit hard to swallow.

I will say that the app gives you the option to fully turn off it's styling, so making to look how you want is not difficult.